Foul weather friends

Dedicated to my foul weather friends (you know who you are!)… 

I might be tardy about calling you, emailing you, chatting with you or texting you. I might not keep abreast with your day to day annoyances. I might even be the biggest fool in the world and forget your birthday (I now have alarms in my calendar to remind me which days those fall on).

But when I think of you, I usually light up inside. I remember your little foibles and quirks, the times we spent together and everything that made our time togther utterly special.

Let me thank you for…

Pushing an obstinate Fiat down Overbridge with tooting horns and angry traffic policemen,

Driving behind me on your bike at 1 AM in deserted roads in Kerala,

Laughing at something I said, which was very usual!

Comforting me, hand on head, when I was tired and alone,

Giving me a shoulder to put my head on and bawl my heart out for some completely forgotten misery,

Letting me fall asleep while you were discussing Solid State Devices very earnestly,

Giving me a hug when I needed it most,

Thinking I am mostly-perfect (only in your eyes) and that I can do no wrong – your confidence touches and simultaneously scares me,

Helping me build up Ikea furniture through the weekend and insisting that it was exactly what you wanted to do,

Gossiping with me about your life and mine when you are too far for a hug,

Letting me call you at midnight and listen to me yell about your horrible life choices, you absolute idiot,

Coming to pick me up at assorted airports, always with a smile and a huge hug,

Never asking me why I didn’t call for ages and now remembered you,

Sharing breakfast and placing a bandaid on old wounds,

Dropping in unannounced in my room, at whatever time, and declaring that you want to spend time with me,

Eating everything I cook and declaring that I have surpassed myself – ALL the time,

Dropping everything and coming to my rescue when I could hardly breathe for crying,

Going utterly out of your way to come have breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner with me, regardless of how late I have worked or how much you have to do,

Listening to me complain about such-and-such mostly imagined problems – I have a vivid imagination,

Never saying no to me even when I know you should have,

Coming to see me at home so that even a city 9000 km away feels like 10 years ago,

Giving me unsolicited (often imagined to be good) advice about what I should do with my life,

Knowing that I am a sucker for emotional blackmail and using the weapon very well,

Just being you and being there for me.

Thank you. I love you.


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