The Printed Jezebel

I have been blogging since 2004 – when Blogger ruled the roost. And over time, I kept many blog addresses, switched names and hosts. From Mumble Jumble, Brain Freeze, Brain Freeze Too, Global Loony Hatch (don’t ask – immense fun though) in undergrad to The Consulting Chronicles and Last Vestiges of Sanity in IIMB.

It’s been five years since I settled upon my insanity as the core defining concept of my being.

Except now it isn’t.

It’s time (again) for a little change. We shall now be The Printed Jezebel.

Why the Printed Jezebel?

1) Because it sounds nice!

2) And unlike a Painted Jezebel, who is someone you would not like other people to be around for their own reputations, a printed Jezebel is good to read. Go ahead. Prove me wrong!

3) In my last few years of self discovery, I have discovered my passions. That’s the good part. And like all good Jezebels, I put my best face forward to the world. This blog helps me do that. It’s my best face!

4) Painted Jezebels get thrown to wild dogs. Printed Jezebels and dogs are good friends.

Comments, feedback and other assorted words awaited!


15 thoughts on “The Printed Jezebel

  1. Recently was having a discussion with a friend as to why most people name their blogs revolving around the sanity vs insanity theme -demented, insanity, delusions, arbit, nonsense etc.
    Glad you have changed it πŸ™‚
    Like the name, the look and the pic on the top!

    1. I agree. Given our advancing age and impending sign of maturity, I need to say that Insanity is now overrated. Cynical self-deprecation is where it’s at.

      Thanks for the words, woman (wrested though on Gtalk though they be! ;))… And I love the zebra pic – you should see the full one. Howlarious!

  2. Venkatakrishnan

    Hi πŸ™‚ I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and it’s awesome! It has been a while since you blogged and yet the aroma of freshly brewed coffee remains. Personally, I liked the ‘insanity’ part more(evident in your older posts) πŸ˜›

    If only you would blog more frequently 😦

  3. Haha!! The loony hatch! If I was not part of it, I would have asked you all about it! πŸ˜€ Good old madness of err…youth?? πŸ˜€ (psst…I have a feeling it’s not gonna go away. Madness, I mean. Not youth)

    1. However ephemeral youth is, the insanity is permanent. I just don’t like to talk about it anymore.

      And Loony Hatch. Haw!!

      Nice picture, funny girl. How’s you?

  4. Krishnajith

    There is this butterfly common jezebel (Delias eucharis) not quite uncommon in our place. Butterflies being oft used metaphors for change makes the change of name even more interesting.

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