A life well lived (in blank verse)

Oh, and what wonderful things you shall see,

What adventures you will have,

Everything you dreamed of, you will be,

And you will have lived your life, my friend.

The ends of the earth you will traverse;

You will see the wild sea, the lofty mountains,

The red deserts, the green jungles;

Water tumbling into limpid pools,

Frozen icicles in winter;

The bright lights that beckon you,

Their silence will speak a million words.

Music, dance, love and laughter,

Erasing every regret you had forever,

And you will have lived your life, my friend.

Destiny is a funny mistress,

You don’t know where the path leads.

Yet there will always be sheer happiness,

For you shall live in interesting times,

And you will have lived your life, my friend.

Feeling: Madly, joyously, crazily happy.

Reason: I was at Cape Town this weekend. We’d taken a taxi down to the Cape of Good Hope, and I finally understood why ships were wrecked by the score there, why sailors were afraid to go around Africa and why India was so unattainable by sea. The wind whipped at anything that was not nailed down. But then, this Cape of Storms gave up a little hope and there she was – the Cape of Good Hope.

And standing there, at the edge of civilisation, surrounded by the fynbos, I had an epiphany.

There was noone else I’d rather be. There was nowhere else I want to be. I didn’t know who, where, what or how I would be tomorrow, but I am completely fine with that.

Because, you know what? I am living my life, my friend.


9 thoughts on “A life well lived (in blank verse)

  1. i completely agree i think everyone should live their lives to the full and not worry about whats going to happen tomorrow. everyone at some point needs that feeling of ‘ there is noone else i would rather be and nowhere else that i would rather be’ knowing i have had that feeling keeps me going till the next time it happens

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