Life. Now, life is a funny thing. It flows on regardless, mowing down everything within its sight, engulfing pain, happiness, loss and achievement.

A few nips and tucks here, and you find that the unnecessary has been pruned out completely. You even find that you can live without what you thought you just couldn’t… And that was just 2 months ago.

But to live is to dream. To dream is to think, and what is worse, feel.

You dream of those days again – idyllic and perfect. You think of the light drizzle in your hair, the shade of the green trees and the smell of wet grass. You feel it again. It feels suspiciously like unshed tears, unspoken words and like heartbreak.

You have dreamt. You have thought. You have felt. And you vowed never to dream, think or feel again.

But who is going to live?


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