The Unbearable Lightness of Being

It’s funny how little I have to say.

Since the last update these things have happened

1) I had three weeks’ vacation which got shortened to a week.

2) I rejoined my Swiss client sans as much work as before.

3) My one week  vacation got shortened to 2 days…

4) In which I went to India to see my  best friends get married to each other, and,

5) Met my sister in Singapore.

6) Went to Prague with the cousin and friends, showed cousin my not-so-sunshiny (read downright impatient and nasty) side – to airline people to be precise. Had a great time.

7) Saw the Monza GP from the first chicane. Fell in love with live F1. Bought absolutely useless memorablia.

8) Had nothing to say beyond, “I love this.”

9) Actually had a great weekend with the housemates – movies, Cluedo and some white wine 🙂


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