Fast forward

One day, my friend, you will meet her.

She’ll make your heart quicken a bit, she’ll make you happy.

It won’t be love at first sight.

You will enjoy her company, you will want to spend time with her.

You will seek happiness in her laughing eyes and comfort in her company.

She will always be there for you.

You will get married to her.

The marriage won’t be perfect. There will be fights. Which couple doesn’t fight?

But you will know, one day, that this is meant to be.

This, my friend, is your destiny.

Till then, keep searching.


10 thoughts on “Fast forward

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  2. Banjo

    so you know its meant to be after years of fighting or before? You should search and wait or wait and search? So many questions… so few answers

  3. like the thoughts here…know some frnds who were perfect and thought the same too…but broke off weeks before their wedding..
    like the simplicity of your posts…:)

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