Ek Chotti-si Love Story

The short version of the story:

Boy meets girl at the right time. Boy & girl realise they are right for each other. Boy and girl decide to spend their lives together. All friends celebrate.

The extended Karan Johar version of the story:

Boy and girl know each other. Boy woos girl with extended release versions of love movies till girl consents to see him. Girl & boy plan future together, till boy fails at task that girl achieves. Girl, being a mercenary b***h, dumps boy for being a failure. Boy vows revenge. Boy and girl still ostensibly keep in touch, with boy pretending to be friends.

Fast forward few years.

Boy succeeds beyond girl’s wildest dreams. Now, boy decides to put plan of revenge (PoR) into action. He woos girl’s sister by dangling the promise of a rich and happy life. Sister falls for wooing and they decide to see each other. Meanwhile, boy decides to visit girl to break the news and see her unhappiness for himself. Just to rub in his success and his love into her face.

Boy and sister make wedding plans. Girl decides to enter convent. Some friends celebrate.

While I am the last person not to appreciate the power of story telling, sometimes the simple story is the right one.

To two of the most wonderful friends I have, may your love story forever remain simple.

And to the Crab League, may you sit smug in the “glory of the best days of your life”, while the rest of the world sneers at your increasing insignificance. Kind of like Iran, down to the fundamentalist and ignorant crap you keep spewing.


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