Pocket philosophy

The bird of happiness nested in my hair,

Brushed away all my world weary cares,

Breathed the softest song into my ear,

Brought me everything my hearts craves.

The litte boat woven from beautiful dreams,

Rocked its way from rivulet to stream,

Oh! Steer gently the bend, little boat

You carry the peace I so long sought.

The boat sank one stormy day,

The bird? she flew away.

For without perch, without anchor,

Dreams and happiness disappear.


12 thoughts on “Pocket philosophy

      1. oarsman

        Why would the b’day be tragic? On the other hand, for you, it should always be something to cheer about 🙂 … 25, 50, 75 and beyond…time well spent 😛

      1. Some time, not so long ago, we were all still looking forward to birthdays! Wonder when that longing got lost, only to be replaced by a worse longing, the longing to not have to grow up, at least quantitatively!

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