Stranger in a strange land

The beautiful vistas, the azure seas,

The rolling plains, the golden sands.

The stuff of your childhood dreams,

Then, why are you this stranger in a strange land?

Your heart knows no own hearth,

The search is quelled by no iron hand,

You sleep on the softest bed,

Still, you’re a stranger in a strange land.

The memories you swore forever to keep,

Ephemeral as the morning mist,

The words that you wanted to bury deep,

Wander in your mind, strangers in their own strange land.


17 thoughts on “Stranger in a strange land

  1. mathew

    shrutz…really loved this one!! i think you should make a song out of it..

    finally a post which i could understand without knowing books..;)

  2. JC

    Missing India, eh? Belgium is boring I suppose. No friends, No family, No Indian cultures, the festivals, Nothing. Absolute zero. Phew.

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