A long time ago

They were young- their lives stretched before them. They were sensitive and idealistic. They felt like, just sometimes, it was them against the world. They shared dreams and despair, laughter and life.

Till it all changed. When one of them wanted to settle down and the other didn’t. When one asked for an answer and the other just wanted to run away- far away.

Things changed between them. She found other things to do, other friends to meet, other more pressing engagements. His words grated on her nerves, everything he said she shrugged off as just another one of his anachronistic phrases. She realised she was being unfair, but she couldn’t help it.

Years afterward, he points out to her that she isn’t getting any younger. If she doesn’t find someone soon, she will always be single.

She neglects to tell him, she sometimes thinks that her married life will mirror their friendship. And that tires her. She would rather be the beggar-woman and single, than be the queen and married.

Inspired by: Queen Elizabeth I & Lord Darnley

He loved her intensely. That was plain for the world to see.

She had only place for one great love in her life. And that was herself.

And yet, they built symphonies in stone for her. They still do.

Inspired by: The other Elisabeth- Empress Sisi of Austria & Emperor Franz Josef

Royalty and love just don’t seem to mix, do they?


2 thoughts on “A long time ago

  1. I really dont know what to say…”And yet, they built symphonies in stone for her”..simply beautiful…your cheerful demeanour sometimes betray the beauty with words you evoke!!

    our lives are damn confusing isnt it.. ;-P

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