Anusmaran was…

What was splashed everywhere
What was splashed everywhere

A perpetual giggle fest.

I’d been planning to go to London for work and just drop into the Hilton and meet up with old friends, but the work didn’t happen. Loathe to change my plans, I still took the Eurostar to Ole Blighty and met up with Baby Fighter to go for our reunion.

Baby‘s been busy in his first year at London- he’s become the secretary of the Alumni Club (Not surprising- he never can take a day off from being super-enthu.) He often blames me for the same failing, so it hardly came as a surprise that we were amongst the first on the scene at the Hilton on 16th May.

I had a huge grin on my face.

There were a dozen guys from senior batches setting up the projector and setting up the banner, but I had made myself pretty useless in one corner.

People were filling up from the Batch of 2008 and I was really delighted. It felt like I wasn’t living in Europe cut off from my friends and we were regaling each other with stories.

Sheru apparently knew who I was only from my nametag. He’d spent the first 10 minutes merrily ignoring me. I got my revenge all right- he kept referring to his current employer as a “boutique M&A firm specialising in technology.” He really sounded like a consultant avoiding mention of his current client! The comparison hurt his i-banker ego a bit.

By the time the reunion started, we went and occupied the front table. And proceeded to make a ruckus fit to wake up the Devil himself. There were around 12 people crowded around a 8 person table and we were hooting and laughing the loudest.

Videos were aired- some brought a lump in our throat and some made us laugh till we cried.

Damn, I want to go back to IIMB.

After a full round of introductions from the approximately 80 people around the room (batch of 1983-2010), we had a flood of IIMA, IIMC and IIML junta for the pan-IIM alumni reunion.

And that was great too.

All in all, a disjointed post, but ye dil maange more Anusmarans!



7 thoughts on “Anusmaran was…

  1. Have you been to Brugge (in Flemish, I guess) or Bruges (French?)? A vintage, sleepy European city. UNESCO declared heritage site. Loved it even though the winter was unbearable πŸ™‚

    btw, I’m joining IIMB (2009-11) this year. I hope you really don’t know me or rather don’t remember me. πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ™‚ I want more of those too!!!

      I don’t know. I seem to have a very good memory. I pull up numbers correct to 2 decimal points from memory :-/

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