Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

She was sitting in the car discussing work with her new-found friend when her phone rang. It was her manager again.
“Hello, where are you right now?”
“I am in a car going towards the office from a training in Antwerp.”
“Uhm, weren’t you planning to work from Antwerp?”
“Listen, are you driving?”
“No, but…”
“Okay, great, could you work from the car then? We need to get the excel ready for a call in 20 minutes.”
“Great. Talk to you later.”
She listened to silence on the other end and kicked herself for her inability to say no.
The others in the car looked at her and mouthed. “Wo-rk?”
She nodded her head and pulled her laptop out to make suitable adjustments to the model.

The phone ran for K, another girl in the car.
“Hey, darling. Yes, I am going to London. I will meet you there.”
K listened to the other end.
“Yes, babe. I am going out with Richard today. He is a geek, but he’s blonde and tall and hey, maybe he is improved!”
It was an interesting one-side of a conversation alright.
M, the driver and She exchanged a look. “Wow, a paragon of male-hood.”
M made a few catcalls in appreciation of the pure awesomeness.
K was still continuing, “But she’s such a bitch! She doesn’t like me. Okay fine, darling. Kisses.”
She was curious now.
“So, tell me, K, you’re going to see your boyfriend. AND you have a date?”
M made some more catcalls.
K was giggling now, “Nah, he is just a guy I slept with. It didn’t work out”
M and She got a little uncomfortable at the turn of the discussion.
K continued blithely, “So are you girls single?”
“Well, we’re both not in a possession of a life. But, uhm..” said M.
K was excited, “You know! You should got for training sessions. I met so many guys there who just wanted a one night stand. You can get these vibes they are throwing out.”
She gaily chattered about the men with M and K, silently wondering about what these vibes were and why She never understood the first thing about it.

She walked down the footpath, carefully avoiding the cracks in the cobblestone. She’d finally gotten used to wearing her 3-inch heels after a few days of tottering gracelessly.
Two men walked towards her. One of them lit a joint. Her habits kicked in and she took a deep gulp of air. She really hated cigarette smoke.
They walked around her and She exhaled. On the next inhalation, She could catch the whiffs of marijuana in the air. It smelt just like Amsterdam.
She didn’t condone pot either, actually.

Saturday evening. Absolut vodka, Fanta and some chocolate chip cookies.
She gulped down the alcohol. She really didn’t like it enough to sip it. Her habits were dying slowly but surely.
The music was loud, and the landlord was annoyed.
But She didn’t care. Alcohol usually caused her to expound on philosophy. Today it was Sufism and the monotheistic religions.
One day, She will write a book.


17 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

  1. mathew

    sometimes the sophistication in life as we grow older is so un-nerving and un-becoming of ourselves, that it is better to remain un-sophisticated and play it simple and go back in seeing life as you would have thought of as a child!

    maybe its not worth getting philosophical….and the idea of being cool was not cool indeed.

  2. Shrutz

    Sheep: We seem to have a lot of contenders πŸ™‚
    @Wnwek: Am afraid it would be censored if there were.
    @Philip: She really wants to.

  3. VMJ

    At the end of it you did get to come back to your place throw your shoes away and lie back with a drink in your hand and listen to your favourite music. There are still moments of relative bliss in life and as long as they remain you do get the energy to wake up and face another day.
    Totally different read.

  4. wnwek

    Maybe you could make an uncensored version and sell it to ones who are curious. You know like bootlegging your own book πŸ˜›

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