Analysis & Overanalysis

Of late, I have been getting two charges levelled at me.
1) “You overanalyse every detail!”
2) “Stop feeling like you are responsible for everything.”

Just too hard to let go, isn’t it?

What do you think? πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Analysis & Overanalysis

  1. Philip

    #1. I do the same, but I keep the analysis to myself.

    #2. Oh yeah…it’s hard to let go.

    But don’t worry about it, that’s what the consultant types are paid for πŸ˜‰

  2. Shrutz

    @MR: Very hard to, dude. Sometimes I try.

    @Eranat: πŸ™‚ I hardly think I am being paid to analyse my own life!

    @wnwek: Sorry. I will stop overanalysing too much.

    @Maini: My life, my dreaaary life. πŸ™‚
    Yep, I was born in Patiala. I am a Patialan?

  3. jun6lee

    Over analysisisis can get much, but tends to be our strength considering how we’re compensating for 90% of the world that aren’t like us. No bad thing, unless your personal health (whether it be physical, or psychologcal) is taking a toll because of it.

    In which case, though hard, find a distraction.

  4. Shrutz

    @Alec Smart **pinch pinch pinch** πŸ˜€

    @jun6lee I am PERFECTLY fine with it. It’s just some people (read wnwek) who have a constant problem!

  5. Mahima

    No, I don’t think any of those things is your problem. Your problem is that you have too many shoes. πŸ˜€

    My problem, on the other hand, is that I know everyone’s problems except my own. πŸ˜›

  6. A Rasikan

    Isn’t it time to welcome 2009? It’s already Feb and not a single post until now.Sign of ‘recessionary’ times I suppose..:D

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