I don’t understand how…

some people are so enamoured of their reflections that they preen at the first indication of a shiny surface.

Imagine this (rather recent) occurrence:

I am in the office and pulling out the cord and putting away my laptop in the bag when a friend comes to enquire when I am leaving.

“Right now,” I said. “So what are your plans?”

I noticed he wasn’t looking at me. I followed his line of sight to behind my shoulder to the picture window behind me, which was rendered almost opaque by the darkness outside. (Small aside: The view from our office windows are amazing)

“Uhm, you do know I am approximately 2 feet away from where you are looking, right?”

So, he dragged his eyes away from the fascinating sight of his suited self and brought himself back to earth. “uhhh, let’s go down and find your housemate. She’s on the phone.”


We went down and called her from her own landline to come down.

When she came down, I remarked (I thought wittily), “Boss here can’t take his eyes off his reflection.” till I realised I didn’t have her attention either.

And there we shall leave the scene, both of them feasting greedy eyes on their beauty and me looking up to heavens.


5 thoughts on “I don’t understand how…

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