An Indian Summer Remembered- Part II

Dear Diary,

The story up till now is: I got placed in the first 5 hours of Day zero and had nothing to do for the rest of the day.
But the day brought mixed feelings for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic for myself, but day was kind of disheartening. The stories abound- sure to reach mythical proportions for my batch.
There were some people who didn’t have anything to do the whole day and were still called there to sit… doing nothing. There were those for which multiple companies were fighting for. There were those who were running from company to company the whole day and when the bell tolled, were left with naught in their grasping fingers.

A lot of shit seemed to be happening. I was hoping we would have some maturity, some perspective. But it was not to be. Everyone was being carried away in the sea of high expectations.
In the cold light of day, I am inspecting my own motives and trying to pick clean through all of them. I can only hope this clear headed reason would be present even if the shoe was on the other foot AND biting hard (so much for mixed metaphors).
They say we might have 5-6 days of placements- till Day 2 though. We seem to have a weird way of counting off Days here in B-School.
The Company was nice enough to take the five of us interns into the room and give us some leftover cake. No overt celebrations… we are not done placing 250 odd students at IIM Bangalore.

Day 0.5
(On the Halfth Day of Placements, PlaceCom gave to me a ‘Fraud’ friend in Germany)

The next day dawned- bright and chirpy. The day after 0 and before 1 has been split in half- companies straddling the fence… too long processes or take you to remote corners of the world. The institute, like the companies themselves return the favour. The day is fondly referred to as Point 5. They say that the day is less hectic and companies take everything in their stride.
We’re still in our suits, giving our friends company. But the day repeats in a mindless cycle- get Coke from machine, gulp it down… make weak jokes… pray hard and wonder when this would end.
Some people get through the drill and it’s official. IIM Bangalore has bettered all records for the first day of placements. PlaceCom heaves a sigh and grits their teeth for the work that lies ahead. I go and sign up for company volunteering. My seniors have made it amply clear to me that they want me at the MDC everyday, making myself useful… or else. But somehow, right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


4 thoughts on “An Indian Summer Remembered- Part II

  1. Sharmili

    Well – everyone knows that the DAY classification during placements isnt the most important thing… everyone knows that your life doesnt end if there is no day Z for you… everyone knows you shud be mature abt this and think for urself instead of pressurising urself…
    BUT THE POINT STILL REMAINS – batches after batches – everyone goes thru the same grind again…

  2. Shrutz

    @Sharmili: we know, we been through it too!

    @Sheep: At least I didn’t find my job underneath the coconut trees of my apartment complex 😀

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