To My Juniors AKA Why We Don’t Use Lab Rats.

Have you ever felt like a hamster? In a cage, running in those circular wheels, feeling like the entire world was watching what cute antic you were upto next? Would you take solace in the fact that across the laboratory that stretched from infinity to beyond, there were countless other hamsters, guinepigs, sweet little white mice in their wire cages doing the very same thing as if on automation? Looking over their rodent shoulders (metaphorically, of course) and wondering if someone, anyone, was going to overtake them into the distant horizon they believed was lurking somewhere.
Welcome to the world of overachieving IIM students.
To my juniors and other ‘aspirants’, let me quote an oft-recited aphorism on .:Arbit:. (which you’d know if you used BRacket as much as my batch did!), TIN_Rat Race_OTM. Or There is no rat race outside the mind.
I am serious! All that pressure that you build up… (“My grades are low”, “I need a spike in my resume”, “THAT Day-0 job”) is all in your friggin’ noggins! The day you come in and start thinking, “Ah, the rat race”, you start running against some unknown opponent. Such a vicious cycle (pun intended?). Sad thing is, everyone is doing the same thing!
Now, I don’t know how to get out of this mindset anymore than most of you do. I presume the profs know what they are doing when they give admissions to this kind of “cookie cutter diverse” people at our institute. But you’ll need to know this very important thing. Hammer it into your collective consciousness.

At IIM Bangalore, noone is judging you for being who you are. Cherish it. It’s the warmest, most fuzziest and best feeling in the world.

Keeping living. And to my batch, miss you all dreadfully.


5 thoughts on “To My Juniors AKA Why We Don’t Use Lab Rats.

  1. The Sheep

    I think people at IIM Bangalore judged you all the time for who they thought you were. How many people really knew who you were? :-\

  2. Shreya

    People did judge you, even methinks so..but somehow I felt that everyone knew that all were in a state of flux – constantly testing new ideas, theories, practices – rejecting, accepting – and hence were always ready to reorient and reconsider their judgments..

  3. Shrutz

    ‘Twas a judge eat judge world, no? Everyone was so afraid of being judged in turn. Most, I might correct myself.

    Okay, a better word is tolerance. I still think it’s rare. And even if even 3 people knew you… that is precious!

  4. PhiraHuaDimaag

    somehow I tend to believe that somewhere this rat-race as u may call it brings out the best from the individuals and the quality of learning is high. Look what happens in the 2nd yr when there is no “rat-race”.

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