Internship Chronicles

Hark“, the cry goes around Bloggerland, “Shrutz had typed in her blog again.”

One man pokes the one in his mid-section, “Quick, look out if you can see flying piggies. They say Shrutz has blogged again!”

Seriously, I kid. My heartfelt gratitude to all you people (at last count 2) who check my blog for updates like, once in two months. “Nah, nothing’s happening in her life. Let’s go watch paint dry.” they say. “She’s got the equivalent life of a worker ant high on hashish and cannabis while doing motorcycle stunts in the Republic Day Parade with the Daredevils.”

Hey! That’s not true! I so have a life!!! For example, I am right now in Brussels on a nice Sunday typing a blog about how great my life is. On a three day weekend!

Argh. Never mind.

So, the first question I get asked by everyone who meets me in ths extremely small, sweet and quiet country is, “What the HELL is an Indian doing in BRUSSELS?”

Long story short: I REALLY don’t know. But it’s been fun so long.

More in the next post.


5 thoughts on “Internship Chronicles

  1. raghav

    thats not true .. thats not what every person you met at Brussels asked you .. remember the ” you dont know french , don’t know dutch .. you just know how to speed” .. *grin*

  2. Anonymous

    thats not true….we all SO know what u r doin at Brussels 😛 ….and also a echo of above comment…”you know how to sped” :P….have missed seein updates here..havent seen flyin piggies yet…mebbe whn u post ur next one i will? 😉
    make it sooner rather than later pls 🙂

  3. ?bLeAk?!!

    geez .. you always have to be this loud when you come back …
    anywayz.. happy to see you back in here…

    hmm.. and i do drop in here once in a while…

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