Home At Last

I don’t know when this became home….

At Kozhikode this week, I kept admiring the beautiful campus, and wondering why they had made rooms with such views, and no hot water!
Once outside the campus, I realised how much Bangalore had spoilt me. IIMK was literally nowhere. Now, as a Mallu brought up in Trivandrum, I am used to the cities of Kerala, but as a CETian who lived quite close to the city, I was not used to this commutation.
And, I freely admit, Bangalore has spoilt me. I enjoy the fun and freedom we enjoy. (Not that it’s as much as some of my friends here! I am still quite a small town girl at heart.) The movies you can watch at PVR, the window shopping at Shopper’s Stop, Bannerghatta, the fun at Forum, the “shall we eat out today?” queries. Not to mention midnight walks and games, movies on the laptops, TRYING to study at all odd hours, chafing at project meets, et al.
The first time I came to IIMB, I felt like a goldfish out of water. Confused about where I was, what I was doing, occasionally wondering if this gasp was the last. The first two terms were spent in figuring out exactly where I fit in, what kind of person I was and wanted to be, and then shedding the excess baggage of guilt that I have been carrying along for so long.
Coming back to Kerala after a gap of 4 months felt good; the swaying palms, the wonderful unpolluted air, the pristine beaches. What took me by surprise (again) was the humidity and the heat. I loved being able to read the bus boards again, and being haggle with the auto drivers, and telling the IIMK people, “Nah. I can handle this. I am a Malayalee.”
But, it felt even better wearing the Sangram jersey that said, “Team IIM Bangalore.” We even went to the TAJ wearing sweatpants and Nike shoes. Now, as the management there, they might have thought either of two things, “These kids are so shabby. We might have to chuck them out.” or “These people are wearing sweatshirts and pants. They must be rich! Let’s humour them.”
Then, after sooo long, I had some amazing Malabar fish curry. And appams. And Kerala parottas. And the bill was for 1200. All five of us had identical stunned expressions on our faces. “So CHEAP?”
I think around 8 months ago, fishing 1200 bucks for a lunch would have been considered exorbitant. Times do change! The place does change you.
In spite of all this, the moment I got onto the bus, I felt happy. The ride was long and bumpy. I kept waking my neighbour up because I kept tossing and turning. Finally, at 5:30 am, someone poked me, and I opened my eyes to see: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
Yay! I was home!


13 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Hari

    Last 2 months for me. am gonna miss Joka for sure.
    but miss appams and porottas too 🙂

    enjoy your one more year. it shud be a load of fun. so you finally fit in there eh?? 😛


  2. chang

    appams, rice and malabar fish curry for 1200/5?????

    ive lived in Bangalore many years and that STILL sounds like a lot of money to me 😉

    Neat writing. Keep it up

  3. MeiYaNG

    appams, rice and malabar fish curry for 1200/5?????

    ive lived in Bangalore many years and that STILL sounds like a lot of money to me 😉

    Neat writing. Keep it up

  4. psycho


    this is a BORING post!!!

    “THE” (quotation marks TO be noticed!!ehehhe) “MOST”(again!!)”BORING” …


    (MOMMY i am drunk again!!!)

  5. Senthil

    Ah, yes, the Taj has its share of weird clients, I guess. I remember walking in wearing torn jeans and a ragged jacket and asking for coffee. They didn’t throw me out.

    And long time no see! How have you been, yusself?

  6. niTin

    Funny.. that you dint mention the fact that you guys dont know what to do with the Sangharsh T shirt – the one that read “Lets teach the nerds how to play ball” 😀

    Hi, Im Nitin, close friend of Aditya, Shreesha and Nikhil.. heard a bit abt you 🙂

  7. Eric Blair

    Hi Shru,

    Dont worry, After having completely spoilt by Bangalore like places (quite likely since most IIM grads land up in big cities), you will feel the itching to go back to those beutiful, pure, natural small towns and then you will be able to appreciate the scenic beauty of the K campus.

  8. nithin ramachandran

    hey …dint know u were a fellow mallu …heheh..
    man im stuck up in hyd with my mouth watering over the mention of kerala parottas….

    yeah places change people…i dint know 5 people could spend 1500 bucks over coffe n hookah …but i did that yesterday …

    agree completely

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