Prophecies are NOT Fun Things

I am sure most people must have thought “bstung” is a pun on my institute. So did I… till last week.

I got stung by 15 bees.
On my bare hands.
All over my head….

Wockhardt emergency room’s not a pleasant experience. Got a pill, no shots, thank god. Pulled out some stings in the meanwhile.
People laughed! 😉
And I have learnt my lesson. Namely, no more Nostradamus like prophecies!


14 thoughts on “Prophecies are NOT Fun Things

  1. psycho

    what’s that???



    what was it supposed to be??

    am i right, at presuming ,what i think “what it is”,is true?

    neways,dont worry about WHAT i think
    about “what it is/was” …..

    but WHAT IS IT ???
    (genuine question <<----this phrase is GUNUINE ...BECAUSE IT'S NOT MINE hehehheh)

  2. tpraja

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