MBA Dreams & Screams Part 1

Dear Anonymous,
(what’s with the new fad anyway?)
I am in Top 3 IIM, which magazine say is #2 in ranking, but mentor say is not good enuff as Commie’s own Campus, b’coz I too much working. Also, my A friend say I am jobless. I no know who to trust, so I say safe MBA answer “depends”.
How to get to Top 3 IIM? Like my smart mentor say, you take plane. But, bus also do to B, or train. If you live next to campus, two wheeler or two legs do too.
As for cracking CAT, you need to sit for 150 minutes, making pencil marks on OMR sheet. Remember when you were 3 years old and used to shade in every paper you see, this will be like that only.
Talk is cheep, unless you be in IIM GD/PI. Talk, talk, talk. Huh?
PS: Foriners be I-candy.


8 thoughts on “MBA Dreams & Screams Part 1

  1. Anonymous

    Respected Madam,
    I think you also are making joke at me. I want to study in an top 3 IIM. That is all. I want your advice as I feel you will understand my situation better. But I feels you want to make joke at me, like others. I am sorry for disturbing your blog.

  2. Anonymous

    Suddenly, i’ve grown to respect this guy.. it takes superior confidence to stay calm and not start a slangfest when people are making fun..!

    Man, i hope this guy gets what he wants.

    ..but this post was beyond hilarious!
    Me meen, thet totully good…!

    *okay, no more disturbing blogs, no more make joke..*

    p.s. Me is Bromzemesh.. i means Bronzmash. 😉

  3. psycho

    come on………….

    i’ve become mad, abt the way u form the sentences………(IIMB tag explains everything,though…)

    **whatever u can understand from that…UNDERSTAND, PROPERLY !!!

    but do JOT DOWN something funny(muhahhahahhahahhah….)

    come on THIS IS 10 th of october!!!
    come on now!!!

  4. Anonymous

    so the mumble jumbe has started again… hmmm..maybe after losing lots of readers, you can try to post a link again onthe previous page or maybe try to see whether IIMB servers hae unblocked it or not..

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