My Funny Blog Post

Lounging around at home for the past 3 weeks already and I got this stern injunction on my Y! messenger from a collegemate, “Write a FUNNY blog. You’ve have been becoming longer and drearier everyday and I don’t read it anymore.”
WHAT? My readers are deserting me? This can’t be allowed to happen!! Something must be done. Yeah, now all I need to do is write a funny post. That’s simple enough; I’ve made a blog out of it for almost 2 years, nah?
So, here I am. Sitting in front of my computer, wondering what the hell I have to be funny about today.

Okay. Humour seems to have deserted me for the moment.
But watch this space… FOR THE FUNNY BLOG POST!!!


10 thoughts on “My Funny Blog Post

  1. >|' ; '|<


  2. Raghav

    I heard some cool dude called vahgar on has a really funny blog..maybe some ideas from there 😛

    *shameless self promotion*

  3. aks

    humour deserting a person like you…sanity resides only if a person can manage to find humour in every perspective of life…finding humour in not being able to find the same…let sanity reckon u..

  4. Srijith Unni

    yeah ha ha!
    lol! rofl! hee hee
    yeah that was funny enough.

    gr8.. BTW, jus a new reader. so don`t mind the sarcasm.!


  5. Arijit Sengupta

    If you don’t get funny ideas, ‘borrow’.
    “The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” -A.E.

  6. Shrutz

    @Poison Done done done

    @Raghav Heard of him 😉

    @Paranoid Done, saar!

    @Q I can only hope 😉

    @Sajeev NOT really!!

    @aks watch and tell me…

    @Unni *raises an eyebrow*

    @Arijit Hint taken!!

    @Jax Teehee

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