A Li’l Update at an Unearthly Hour!

IIMC Results out on the midnight of 12th March, (how precise!)… Got through both PGDM and PGDCM. The link page is beautiful and oddly satisfying.
I am loving it πŸ™‚

Update #2 : IIMs B and L final converts. K on waitlist (ooh, I hate those wascally wabbits!)

Update #3: IIMI final convert….

So, ends the saga, that started around 8 months ago…..
Final Calls: B,C,L,I,K, SPJIMR calls.
Converts: (skipped SPJ) B,C,L,I and 0.5 K!
Not too shabby.


24 thoughts on “A Li’l Update at an Unearthly Hour!

  1. roshan

    congrats … this is really cool … of course, I jumped here from PagalGuy where you seem to be one of the top posters … πŸ™‚

  2. raven

    congrats… n welcome to C… or so i’d have said an year ago. should you choose it.. take good care of my insti πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    good luck!…guess two years down the lane u will land up with a job that involves travelling(of course well-paid!)but one that does not need DOOR-to-DOOR selling!…:D.
    Oh!..btw…CONGRATS!(forgot that!)..goin to BONGOland…or B’lore??…
    And do keep writing…:)

  4. ganesh_n_prabhu

    Enjoyed reading your GD/PI experiences. You have a great talent for writing. We look forward to your choosing IIMB – you will certainly add a lot of character to this place!

  5. Sravanthi

    been following ur blog for a while. yes i am sneaky and jobless. =). anyway….congrats!!!! i figured from ur earlier posts that u would make it.

  6. Shrutz

    @everyone! THANK YOU!
    Couldn’t post 23 replies.
    Haven’t decided yet, leaning towards one solely on personal considerations!

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