Demo Week: Let’s See How Low We Can Go.

Thanks to Aswin for giving me the inspiration to finally post about the Demo Week.
The Stupid FAQ Section About the Demo Week!

1) What is Demo Week?
To know what Demo Week is about, you must be a final year student with OODLES of time on his hands. There are no classes to speak of, and during the time we sit around swatting flies, we decide to go back to our childhood days. Demo Week is a long standing CET tradition, wherein the final year students spend most of their lunch breaks walking around the college wearing the most outlandish costumes possible, complete with war cries and random cries of “Yeeha, Jai bolo S8 ki.” We relieve our boredom (and our sore throats) by then asking the juniors to do that. Meanwhile, we also take pictures! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) Okay, so why is it so relevant?
Ask a starving man would he like a chappathi, would you? Don’t be silly. As a CETian what he would like to do before he leaves college, and chances are he will say, “Dress up as a Pandi and dance Appadi pode pode.. ” or even “Wear my school uniform and hold a balloon.” But, CETians love Demo Week for two reasons, depending on which year you are in..

    • As a junior, you suddenly realise that your seniors are all MAD. Yes, even the sedate and staid ones. It’s fun to see them cavorting around with all the gay abandon of small toddlers playing dress-up.
    • As a senior, imagine the joy to accost an unsuspecting junior and drop the day’s hottest joke/leg pulling opportunity on them. Don’t get us poor senior CETians wrong, but since ragging is banned on campus, the final week is a pressure valve where guys talk up the pretty junior girls and senior girls generally can make a nuisance of themselves. Then, of course, there’s the charm of doing things you have never done before and look like nothing on earth.

3) So, enough of talk. Where are the stupid pictures already?
Okay, okay. They are coming up, in order…

    1. Black Day
    2. Pandi Day
    3. Cross-Dress Day
    4. Goonda Day

Demo week online ๐Ÿ˜‰

Me, Divya and Divyasree, after the first face-painting exercise. This started off with me being the first guinea pig and the chosen medium of eye-liner and graduated to black and silver paint and the whole of the Department with blackened (and silvered) faces!

Aravind, Shinu, Sreekanth and Sidharth: The Royal Mexx. As evidenced by the Jolly Roger!
Senior Spirit shows! In the classes… terrorising the masses.

Tele getting their kicks! Notice ol’ Half Face there!
The Super-Zeros?

In the Quest for the Archees!
The Pirate of Trivandrum, Mech Rani, Tina.
‘Black’ Amal, she hits you and shouts unspeakable obscenities (or would have if her character could talk, mind you!) when you pull her walking stick!

Bibu, Abhilash and Juny: the aftermath.

The Tele Dept. Pandi guys, with the ORIGINAL pandi! The construction workers from Tamil Nadu had a nice laugh at our expense ๐Ÿ˜‰Mix-N-Match Panditharam. A Kaleidoscope of colour!
Can you get more Pandi than this? The Mexx with Thomas, Sreekanth & Mathai ๐Ÿ˜‰
“Yennada, macha, Soukham aa?” Pardon my Tamizh.
The two most pandi females in the Lobby at 12:45 pm: Reshmi & I.
Pandis in the Main Block, “S8 vazhuga!”

The machans are going to town!!
Argh. I am going BLIND. Anand & Arjun Kye Vee Pandis.
Ram looks normal enough, doesn’t he? With Pandi Vineeth…

Juny’s Pandi avataar in the Civil Dept.

Madhavan, Renjith, The-very-pretty-Sunoop and Surej in front of S8 Tele.
Fazal (with her hair in a towel, I dream of Jeannie?) & Shoaib-the Fountainhead.The beautiful Praveen & Leslie, the Ladies’ (?) Man. Leslie was enjoying the attention being showered on him.
Yeah, there was a cat-fight some moments prior to this, when Miss. Abubacker triumphed over Miss. Rajashekar, thereby effectively proving the statement, “Size does not matter.”
And you know what they say, to the victors belong the spoils ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cameras were clicking away to posterity!
Mr. Mangal Pandey, Soumya of Electrical & Reshmi.
Gowri & Ashwin(i) in the Main Block. Aswin was hurrying along like a chased chicken to avoid photo-ops ๐Ÿ˜€
The very gorgeous Samantha Wesley with her classmates, one of whom was heard to remark, “I never knew there were such pretty girls on this campus.” Yeah, Mathew, you never had to leave the Mech Dept, you could have been so happy. Ah well!… Life moves on, even with Samantha.
We did come prepared to cross-dress, but unforeseen circumstances stalled the proceedings. So, here are the Tele & Applied girls with Shoaib.

Vimitha decides to get tough with Shoaib. Divya can’t stop smiling. The SADIST.
Showing off our manly…. SHOES. Vimz, me and Rekhila.

Panyan & his(?) goonda.. Vimz & AshokShoaib’s unclear of whether it’s Goonda or Pandi Day, seen pataofying Reshmi‘Vaastav’ Sandeep S: True Goonda Style
The Tele Goondas outside the Department
Namith’s gone to the Dark Side
Sunoop getting hafta from a poor junior….
Panyan’s goondas do it again
The Gangster & his Moll


13 thoughts on “Demo Week: Let’s See How Low We Can Go.

  1. emme

    Looks like things havent changed much in CET. Enjoy gall , these are the days which you will cherish later in your life…

    BTW u didnt answer my question :)?

  2. Angel

    No such thing as TOO MUCH FUN in CET, I see?
    Supercool…although the tamilian in me cringes at the Pandi thing!! hehe! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Shrutz

    @Simbah ThAnKs!!!
    @Binu Be jealous, very jealous!
    @Emme I will ๐Ÿ˜‰ Patience is a virtue
    @Angie What have I told you about your eating habits?? Regurgitate the Tamilian in you IMMEDIATELY, young lady.
    @Deej I DID =))He mistook the mirror image for the real thing

  4. roshan

    hello lil-mallu-girl … i didn’t read this post, so this comment isn’t about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways … I was surfing random blogs and I came across this one:

    Well, yours was the next blog on my list … do you think you are the mumble-jumble the prof was talking about.

    ?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a nice day.

    (and how are you gonna get back … hee hee)

  5. Anonymous

    I would expect the literate mallu women to brush up their Tamil as well. Pandi for Tamil eh? What does one call the mallu? Kun**??

  6. Geo

    Been thereโ€ฆ did thisโ€ฆ some years back:_))

    Nice post ladyโ€ฆ. Brought back truckloads of memoriesโ€ฆ


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