A Li’l Slice of Heaven

Kerala’s backwaters are well known. Hey folks! This is a kettuvallam that gives you a unique experience..
I think I sent some people some raving SMSes about
The birds are twittering, the waters are serene, the quiet is deafening. I think I have rediscovered the poetry in nature!
This is the reason.
Sunset at backwater!

Typically, the sight that Kerala is most famous for… Beaches! This is not Kovalam, this is Chowara:- white sands and pristine seas near Trivandrum. Lovely to laze about in.
The last picture is that of the high ranges in Kerala. Peermade is en route to Kodaikanal and is well known for its tea estates.


5 thoughts on “A Li’l Slice of Heaven

  1. >|' ; '|<

    we live in a beautiful state.
    but, i think that all places on the earth have such beauty, u just have to look deep enough.

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