I have been tagged by Quinty.
According to the mystic ramblings of the tag, I am supposed list out 20 pieces of information about myself.
My past history with tags has been rocky.
Regular readers must remember the 55-word story tag, and the “about me” tag (which, frankly, was a disaster!), and I personally will never get over the book tag, which took me 3 days and some 20 links to type, only to see it vanish into the great void known as Blogger. The pain still lingers….
And, I promise you, Angel, I will get back to it and come up with a post that will knock the tittles off any bibliophile!
So, without further ado, here’s

Twenty tidbits about Shrutz aka The Trivia Game

1) My first piece of creative writing was in 6th standard, when our English teacher (Mrs. Lily Luke, one of the most wonderful teachers I have known!) had asked us to write a short story which began with the words, “There a smile of joy on her face.”
That was my first (and last) tearjerker of a tale. Looking back, I am surprised at what I had written when I was 11 years of age. At 21, you can’t catch me writing a story where the protagonist dies at the height of her fame & glory!
In case I have piqued your curiousity, here’s the gist of the tale:
Girl is born, parents die in accident which leaves her crippled and in a wheelchair. Girl works towards the welfare of other persons with her handicap. At the age of 18 (which, at 11, is old), she gets an award from the Indian government for “Outstanding Service”. Unfortunately, she dies in the middle of the ceremony… with a smile of joy on her face.
Yes, I am still wondering where the story came from!
PS: If you are still wondering how she died, I was 11 years old.. I didn’t specify!!!

2) The one book I absolutely hated reading was Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. Yes, it is sacrilege to admit that, and yes, he’s a great Booker Prize winning author, but, there is only that much insanity you can bear. Unfortunately, I had to read the book through in order to submit a book report.
My book report had these sentences:-
“Maybe Mr Rushdie was sniffing some cocaine when he wrote this book…. It sounds like the half-crazed rambling of a demented man into substance abuse…. A book you can do well to avoid..”
Well, unless you read in order to murmer in discreet undertones “Yes, darling, Rushdie’s symbolism in his books is so fah-bulous. Midnight’s Children is the epitome of his literary creativity..” Balderdash!!

3) I love the rain, the smell of damp earth and the flashes of lightning and thunder. When I was younger, the monsoons around Kerala used to be stronger. Come school reopening day, the water would flow through all the culverts and puddles. My sister used to get thoroughly splashed by me by the time I used to get done jumping into each and every puddle I saw.

4) I love stitching and abhor cooking. At one point in time, I wanted to be a fashion designer and spent most of my free time designing clothes for my Barbie doll. Sigh, it was quite fun.

5) The friends I had in school & still keep in touch with are mostly all guys.
This one here is the mosty annoying, irritating, funny and sincere people I know. We spent most of our school life arguing about chalks, studies, his ‘casanova’ habits (and insensitivity), my touchiness and other people. Those were the days!!

6) As a kid, Shrutz was short, cute, chubby and had a boy cut. Due to which, I got the moniker “Mammatti kutti amma”. At 6 years of age, I didn’t know what it meant. At 8, I saw the film and was disgusted!
All due apologies to ‘Baby’ Shalini fans here!

7) I went to learn the guitar when I was in second standard. The sir took one look at me, pronounced me “too small to hold a guitar” and shoved a violin into my hands. My mom never removed her hands from her ears henceforth!

8) After much careful delibration, I’d decided to study engineering in Pune, got a good rank in their entrance and taken admission there.
Once there, I spent a happy week teaching all the girls card games while my room-mate was busy applying a face pack and studying Complex Numbers (all in the space of 2 hours). Within a week, I’d left the college and joined up in CET, or College of Engineering, Trivandrum, which was 3 kilometres from my house.
What did they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?…

9) My mom and I discuss about life and the times at the most opportune of moments:- when either she or I am driving the car and we’re struck in traffic, which is a fairly common occurrence in Kerala.
The added advantage is, of course, she’s too focussed on driving (or back seat driving) to yell too much at me!
A conversation would run like this
Me: Mamma, I think I am going to rob a bank tomorrow.
Mom: Why would you need so much… (Sudden screeching of brakes and loud honking from behind) WHAT does that fellow think he is doing? Does he think I have WINGS??
Well, that’s my mother for you!

10) I am incurably lazy. I will not do anything till I have sufficient incentive and/or it’s the absolute last moment. The plus side is, I’ll do a good job at it.

11) I love travelling. My ideal job would be one where I got to see the world and got paid WELL for it too. If any of you know of such a job, which doesn’t involve door-to-door selling, please contact me. I am VERY interested!!

12) I sing. Yes. Surprisingly enough. ‘Nuff said.

13) I used to read to my niece when she was 4 months old. Unfortunately, it used to be my Physics notes on “Electrostatics”. Yes, I really think she got it!! And, of course, I am a great aunt to have!

14) I can’t ride the scooter or cycle, due to a large number of circumstances beyond my control. Incidentally, I was bought a cycle for my seventh birthday and we had a scooter till I was 18. I learnt to drive the car surprisingly early, however!

15) Weirdly enough, till I was in college, I used to listen to more Hindi music than English. In the past 3 and a half years, I have been busy catching up on what I missed!

16) I used to be an avid quizzer in my heydeys. More often than not, I used to find myself in the minority being a girl. The most number of prizes I won was as an audience member for the Hindu Young World quiz. I answered 2 questions:-
Who was Hagrid’s Mother? (Fridwulfa)
The second was a Jeopardy style answer, to which you had to frame a question.
Qumran, 1947. (When & where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found?)

17) I have a good memory for the obscure and the downright silliest of trivia. It spells good luck when I want to deflect the conversation when it’s steering too close to home. All I have to do is interject with a “By the way, did you know….?” statement. Of course, I have to contend with some murderous looks being passed my way, but as you all know, into all life, a little rain must fall!!

18) I have never seen Sholay beyond the first hour. The first hour I have seen some ten times!

19) If I am asked any of these questions, I will have no answer to it.
“Who’s your celebrity crush?”
“Which actor would you like to go out with/die to meet?”
“From history, name someone you would like to emulate?”
Please don’t put me in a tight spot.
Don’t ask these questions!!

20) I live on coffee, bread and biscuits. I am a caffeine addict and that explains my insomnia.
Okay, it’s time for some coffee and some heavy duty studying.

Before that, however.

Tag, You’re IT!
Binu who is basically jobLESS in Trivandrum and needs to open up!
Prashanth who has not blogged after wishing himself a happy first anniversary.
Rishab whom I love to torture.
Kaus who really makes me ‘laf’ everytime I talk to her
Deepa who is getting all these problems because she didn’t rag me when she had the chance πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Catch-20

  1. ~*. D E E P A .* ~

    heh heh !!!

    been there … done that ….

    finished w/ the 20-odd tag


    @ ragging : who said i dont hav another chance ??? ;))

  2. Binu "the mallu" Ninan

    u tagged me??!!!!!

    shruti george u are soo dead!!

    any1 knows her addres?? please inform… i have a double barrel shotgun n im in the mood for murder!!

    i am sure ill be given an award from the blog reading community after the deed is done…

    may all ur prayers and best wishes be with me!!

  3. Senthil

    A random passing thought: Charles Schulz is God.
    r.p.t #2: Why should this damn page ask me for word recognition again if it can remember my login from five bloody minutes ago?

  4. Cos Θ

    Sor fure, fweety. You’ll have the twenty-fomethingf foon. Af foon af I get this knot outa’ my neck.. How I HATE travelling on bufef! πŸ˜›

  5. Charity

    Well, at least I know I’m not the only college student dying a slow, miserable, intellectual death at the prime of their life. This is a fantastic blog, thanks for writing. πŸ™‚

  6. jax

    Just when I had started to read “Midnight’s children” on the insistence of my friend who thinks this book is “absolutely awesome!”….

  7. bronzmash

    hey Shrutz! u rock no doubt!!
    Beautiful writing. I just blogrolled you, (actually i just learnt how to :)) got lots to learn..

    Will take up on your Blogger classification post soon;

    Till then Rock on..

    always bronzmash.

  8. Shrutz

    @Poison πŸ˜‰ I do ‘cos I CANNNNN

    @Deepa Nuh uh. You won’t catch me around Elxsi with a ten foot pole πŸ˜€
    Or maybe, 3 km around Elxsi… well unless I come to Technopark, in which case…. Ahh never mind πŸ˜€

    @Binu Oooh you thcare meeeh tho much

    @rockus *big grin* I made 500 bucks, 100 hours internet connection (dial up days), 2 english dictionaries, 2 tee-shirts, some coupons for free internet@the Dishnet Hub, 2 torches and some other stuff off the whole deal… T’was SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!!
    (I distributed the twins around… well except the money! The money I kept :D)

    @Senthil Browning fan you certainly are!!

    @Senthil Random answer 1# So is Bill Watterson
    Random Answer #2… Another day another blog!

    @awkwardfinufoidalsunction πŸ˜‰ Fweety!!! I commented on yourf!!

    @anirudh Thanks mate!

    @charity Great to know I have company. Enjoy the blog while my supposed intellectual peak lasts :P… Death is sudden after all πŸ˜‰

    @apt And then what would happen? πŸ˜€


    @Nitya At 5 years…fair, short, chubby, round face, monkey crop, YES?

    @bronzmash yeah πŸ˜‰ I outdid myself with my global crap there πŸ˜€

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