The Sunset Scene

It’s vistas like these that make me glad I live in a pristine (well, relatively) part of India. Of course, the fact that the apartment is on the 11th floor just helps make things better…. Not to mention my (by now slightly used) Sony digicam, which I love.


10 thoughts on “The Sunset Scene

  1. Sudarshan

    Superb pics..ur lucky to live in such a beautiful place!!And i can’t wait to buy a sony digicam soon too lol..anyways beautiful blog!!Keep Posting!

  2. Anonymous

    as u said 11th floor living offers these kinda views only…so it ain’t a big thing i mean wat u hav dun..especially wen u hav SONY!

  3. ~*. D E E P A .* ~

    awesome place …. isnt it ???

    I N D I A

    u have everything : Deserts , Plains , Rainy regions , Hilly areas, Floods ….


  4. CrazyOakAwardMansion

    Capital! Capital! Capital! Capital picture! What!

    On a more sombre note (Be sharp!). To not take a picture of oneself might be forgivable but to blog on till doomsday without a personal photo illuminates an attitude bordering impudence.

  5. God Krishna

    hey cool redesign for the blog… first time i am visiting your blog after i’ve blogged on after cat. oh! and congrats on reaching the 21 years club… now official entry to discos eh??? hoping to follow you soon

  6. Shrutz

    @NSK 😉

    @Sudarshan I likey my cam!!

    @anonymous there’s a point there?!

    @poison Indeed!

    @Deepa HELL yeah!!

    @crazyoakwardmansion err, WHY??

    @Karuna 😀 This and a million other photos make me forget why sometimes I get tired of some issues in life in India

    @God Krishna!! Welcome to my domain.. or some thing like that. How was ze CAT?

    @Densel Credits due at the bottom 😀

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