Meowwwr! The CAT’s out of the bag

There are butterflies in my tummy and my heart is beating loudly.
On November 20th, what may be called everyone’s worst nightmare came to light. The paper was kind of surprising. I remember looking at the front cover for the ten minutes and trying all permutations of questions possible.
“10 one mark questions and 20 two mark questions.” I shook my head. “That’s NOT possible. Ahh, it anyway gives you more time to look at all questions.”
Guess what? SURPRISE! I did not see all the questions! Not even close. More importantly, Verbal was like a bad dream that refused to go away….
Right now, the butterflies are still there. I am kind of like a coiled spring, very tense. One minute, I think I haven’t made any mistakes (other than the ones I made unknowingly) and the other I worry about how many circling errors I might have committed. By the time I have reassured myself that I haven’t, I imagine that I wrote the entire set wrong… One moment I pull my DSP textbook and try to start studying for my end-terms, the next I am day-dreaming about nothing in particular..
Oh! For crying out loud.. there are 6 weeks left! Could you please get it over with and give me the bad news? The wait’s not the kindest thing that has happened to me. My fingernails are almost bitten into extinction and my mother’s getting tired of me resembling a harried sheep rather than anything else!

I’d decided not to check my scores, but 4 days later I was at TIME’s website looking at what I’d done. The impetus for that particular action:- weird rumours floating around college about my scores. The reason was a string of SMSes flying back and forth.
Monday morning:
“Hey Shruti. What’s your score?”
“I don’t know I haven’t checked.”
“Please tell me what your score is. I want to know. I want to know” (ad infinitum)
“I am too nervous to. Why don’t we wait to be surprised by the score card? How did you do?”
Pause for about 1 hour.
“I presume you know that TIME has put up the key.”
“YES. Now please don’t scare me.”
“Please don’t lie. I know you’ve checked.”

A few days later, I’d cracked under the strain of a classmate telling me MY score. BAD idea. Now I am perpetually nervous and counting in my mind.

On a tangential, I’ve been informed that on searching “CAT 2005 IIM Verbal blog”, you reach my page. Of course, with this one post, that’d have become slightly better, right?

Of course, I have got to start studying. Last exam I gave (a Power Electronics improvement), I realised what exactly constitutes studying in engineering terminology.
Read through the textbook in 2 hours flat, by staring at the diagrams and hoping they have imprinted themselves firmly in your head, and crossing your fingers till it’s time to start writing and you really can’t.
There are about six months for me to while away at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. It’s weird, sometimes you want something to happen so badly that the moment it does end, you are left with an empty feeling and a confusion about whether it’s an end or a whole new beginning.
Am I sounding like an eternally confused 21-one year old?
On another tangential all together, since this post already seems to be full of them. People ought to be banned from using the verse
“But I have promises to keep/And miles to go before I sleep/And miles to go before I sleep.”
Yes, Robert Frost outdid himself with these immortal lines, but moi is getting tired of hearing it said by every alumnus, or inspirational orator. There is no dearth of poetry floating around English literature.
Please! Next time you have a speech and are tempted paraphrase Frost, go away, go read Ogden Nash and talk about vicious cycles instead!

A very confused and tired and harried


13 thoughts on “Meowwwr! The CAT’s out of the bag

  1. Anonymous

    U worried after that score??..What will become of us mere mortals then…Relax and don’t let all the fame get to ur head πŸ˜€
    -The guy who invented google

  2. lash

    hahaha true.. i am a fellow sufferer.. and guess what i am planning to recreate the movie “The Curse of the Cat people”…

    breaking news of the hour.. Time Key changed again!!! when will this end for god sake?? :))

  3. >|' ; '|<

    congrats in advance!!!

    words from the drunken master-

    fallen in the field of battle,
    the old soldier said,
    ‘who will remember me,
    who will remember me..’

  4. Ashish

    Eww @ Power electronics ..been there done that and ME NO LIKE and stop having a “cow” about all these things ‘coz when compared to the trials and tribulations that you will be facing later on …very meagre :-)(Hokay then i officially sound like my elder sis now blech ! )

  5. jax

    Ogden Nash said…

    fear not the thunder, little one
    its weather, simply weather
    its friendly giants full of fun
    clapping their hands together!

    So, dont worrry about the results, girl! I am sure you have done your best!

  6. AJITH

    Got here from pagalguy… And u say, worried ? and after that score ?
    — And thanks for making the CAT analysis thread interesting to read…

  7. APT

    “Am I sounding like an eternally confused 21-one year old”?
    To me, yes! Definitely. Sometime back, you had posted another one on some campus interview, if I remember right. It didn’t sound any different either, except that the drama reached its climax in 6 hours, as opposed to 6 weeks this time. And I remember one post you made on Pagal Guy telling you were some terribly confused 20 year old. So, if you think you are, most probably you are!
    A question, though! Are you really confused? I am confused.

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