Blogging Off….

See you people after
1) I turn 21
2) I am done with the seventh semester
3) November 20th has passed me by, with, hopefully, no mishaps!



23 thoughts on “Blogging Off….

  1. Shrutz

    Sorry, Jax! What has to be done has to be done 😦 Painful as it maybe!
    Just a little bit of prioritising & rearranging… But I will be back, and the first post will be
    “Poetry for Dummies”
    Watch this space πŸ™‚

  2. alberto

    is nov 20 ur b’day?if it is Happy B’day in advance.
    and be back soon……
    cyber world is dull without u.
    wishing u all the best 4 ur exams

  3. Senthil

    Good luck, milady. Meanwhile I shall ride to and fro on my silver steed, lance couched and all that, guarding this spot.
    When I get bored, I shall ride fro and to.

  4. ?bLeAk?!!

    koooooooooiiiiiiiiiii……… post your section results… let us hope for 6 calls.. ummmmmmaaaaaaaaa…..( btw i didnt clear even one cutoff !! )

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