What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which a rose be called by any other name would smell as sweet.”-William Shakespeare (As You Like It)
The Bard’s just been proved wrong, by our very own ‘Leader’.
DIC (K) will go to any extent to ensure UDF defeat: Murali

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran) (DIC-K) will go to any extent, including the withdrawal of its candidates, to ensure the defeat of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in the ensuing civic polls, party president K Muraleedharan said.
The full story’s here!
I couldn’t I put a better name for this political nexus, even if I had to think about it for a LONG time!


18 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Aravind.V

    Not one politician is in this for selfless reasons.Remember that. For the ends and means are not an issue. Its just power for them.

    Finally something political from you.
    Each has his own political leanings. There is no point in discussing about it in my opinion

  2. Anonymous

    Hey what’s wrong with an opportunistic politician? Don’t we accept and infact admire a shrewd businessman or a sexy actress? It is a part of the job and poor Mr. Murali was just doing his job. He wouldn’t survive too long without being dramatic. If you want to know what happens to decent politicians check out our PM! You are too young to be this cynical. It is as unfair to expect a politician to be subtle and sensitive as it is to expect a meek and humble doctor. I mean would you want to trust a doctor who says “I will try my best not to sever ur juglar, I really think I maybe able to do it” ? Viv

  3. Rahul

    politicians of karunakaran’s ilk fight for and against people, not values or ideologies. Party lines blur in this clan-war crossfire…

  4. >|' ; '|<

    its pretty funny to see DICK scrawled all over the walls…

    the EC shud use the services of the censor board when new parties’ names are registered…

  5. anoop

    Do see Karunakaran as a source of inspiration. Age, fatigue, mass hatred, a ‘great’ son: has these affected this guy? More than anyone else, he has shown us keralites the strength of sheer will!

    And being a cet 99 grad, good to know FLUTES still exist!

  6. Shrutz

    @anonymouse You’re a guy, right? 😉
    @Senthil Yikes I know… 😀
    @Phobiac yeah, I agree. but it’s hilarious
    @Aravind You wanted something political from me or not? This post isn’t political.. It’s just tired
    @Viv 😀 Good point. But these people act more like the mugger who says “Hand me your purse or I will chop you into little bit sized pieces to feed to the stray dogs.”
    @Alberto yup!
    @Keshi I apologise for the boredom:D
    @Jax Is that all? We call him other things too 😉
    @Poison hehe… 😀
    @God Krishna Thanks man!
    @Karuna yeah, it got lots of praise
    @Anoop They’re on the wane now… more of that later
    Like they said
    “Drop a vote, take home a FLUTE” =))

  7. ChUcK

    Q : Who would head the political alliance between Karunakaran’s party and George Bush’s party?

    A : DIC(K) Cheney…


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