Tagged. I feel like a designer label

Following the tags that have been floating on Blogger, Senthil finally has had his revenge for what I did some months ago.

So,according to the rules of the game, I am supposed to write a story in 55 words. Before you read what I have written, two pertinent points
1) I don’t write stories
2)Nothing I write is ever less than 100 words.
Keeping that in mind, read the following piece….

The bodies of countless soldiers lay on the battleground.

The night was bright with the light of bombs being dropped by low-flying aircraft.

Was it the smell of victory or the stench of burning flesh?

Amidst the sounds of rapid machine gunfire…

“Son, come and have your dinner.”

“Five minutes, mom. I’m on level 10!”

I throw the gauntlet to Binu, Amit, Grafx Gurl, all due to my extremely sadistic tendencies. Kindly excuse!
Oh, yeah! I almost forgot.
Angel, (who hasn’t blogged in aeons and needs to get back to it) Ashok, Auster & Deepa who’re all very good story writers…
I look forward to the mayhem that is about to ensue.


17 thoughts on “Tagged. I feel like a designer label

  1. Somu

    For someone who does not write stories, this sure was a good one. I was expecting an exciting end in the battlefield. This one took really took me by surprise !

  2. Shrutz

    @Somu Thanks 😉
    whoops…. AUSTER… I was struggling to think of people to tag yesterday… Consider yourself tagged… and Ashok too!

  3. ~*. D E E P A .* ~


    poor mom !! if only she knew her son’s sadistic inclinations !!!!

    my turn huh ?? maybe i’ll write abt the butterfly that drank my tea …

  4. Senthil

    Designer labels are tagged? I thought they do the taggging… or is that what you meant? 😛
    Nice story – also reminded me that I belong to the previous generation… sigh…

  5. Shrutz

    @duttan yeah I know it’s pretty cool.. Thanks for the inspiration
    @Ashok thanks and yeah 😉
    @deepa great one there!
    @vi5in I am WAITNG
    @M Thanks and I been reading yours too
    @Senthil hehe you doooooooooooooooooo you OLDIE
    @alberto thanks 🙂
    @angel errrr yup

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