58 Years Young

August 15th reminds me of good old school days, students standing in the quadrangle; a frozen moment in time, when the silence is almost deafening and the salutes are in place, upturned faces gazing at the tricolour fluttering in the breeze, the petals slowly floating, dancing with the random currents. Then, suddenly, the strains on Vande Mataram permeate the air. The effect was magical, and enough to evoke pride in even the most hardened of souls.
Gone are those days.
Independence Day had a lot to do with the songs we sang, and the silences we wrought. From “Hind Desh ka Pyaara Jhanda” to “Ye Hain Naya Hindustan”, from “Janmakaarini Bharatam” to “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyaara” and the National Anthem, the words meant something special. Was it just the importance of the day, or that of the moment… frozen in time? When did Indianness become not a word, but a sense?
Freedom is inexorably linked to the memories of these songs…. the songs of India, celebrating and cherishing the memory of what was, and will be!
Happy Independence Day, fellow Indians!


17 thoughts on “58 Years Young

  1. Arz000n

    Its an awesome feeeling. For 363 days of an year, in IT we work for angrez and feel proud about it. 2 days we listen to VANDE MATRAM and feel patriotic…hehehe.

    Anyway, Happy Independence day to you too!!


  2. Vishnu

    Thanks, Shruti for reminding me about what we did at school on Independence Day and Republic Day. I miss the quadrangle, and the songs.

  3. ajay

    cmon stop kiddin urself.
    when we were kids. independence day was just that day when the played ROJA on tv for the umpteenth time. when did the words independence day gain meaning?
    when has it lost any of the meaning?
    those songs were just that : songs.
    the fact that they celebrated our nationhood was just the nature of those songs. nothing less nothing more.

  4. Angel

    yeah ‘janmakaarini bharatam’…remember it…
    me went to school today for I-day celebrations(AND alumni reunion ;))…was really so nostalgic…

  5. ~*. D E E P A .* ~

    heyy …

    reminds me of the hrs of sun-bathing we did in school on Aug 15 ….

    2 u too ., madam .. HAPPY INDEPENDECE DAY

  6. Swaroop C H

    I never get tired of watching ‘Gandhi’ the movie, although I missed it this time.

    But in this age, I question what is Indianness, other than helping your neighbours (either the same street or the same country)?

    – Swaroop

  7. Amit

    Independance Day? Yeah, we had sunbathing sessions in school in the morning too, called assemblies….Ajay’s right, being proud of my country has never made much of a difference in my life…when you look at the big picture, does it really matter?? But the nostalgia quotient is pretty high alright…sigh…the good old school days…

  8. >|' ; '|<

    hmm… it seems to me that sarvodaya was a god school after all. i never went to school on independence or republic days. no sunbathing, no worries. what is the benefit anyway, sweating it out in the sun. we should rather remember the freedom movement in a less expressive manner, not just on the 15th of August but everyday.

  9. Shrutz

    hehe Thanks for the wishes.
    I know I seem to have sent a lot of people, especially ex-KVites down a long memory lane..
    Takshashila Nalanda ka itihaas lauteke aayegaaaa

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