It’s ALL ‘Bout Me!

Hola there!
Jax is solely responsible for the mayhem & carnage that follows…. It’s all about me, and gosh, is it riveting stuff (not really…)

Three Names You Go By:
(just 3?)
*Kusurthi (naughty) to my family, Abashruthi (nonmusical) to my violin sir, Churutti to my schoolmates
*Shrutz to my friends in college and the cyberworld
*Sruti, Sruthi, Sruthy, Shruthi, Sruty…. these are names I don’t go by, I usually leave when they call me these versions!

Three screen names:

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
*My hair on a good day
*My smile
*My eyes

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
*My hair… it’s usually unruly and like a bird’s nest
*My non-existent nose
*My sensitive skin (uhm.. I was running out of things)

Three parts of my heritage:
*My unpronouceable family name with 20 generations in the family tree after a Brahmin ran away from his house….. (There.. I traced my rebellious attitude!)
*God’s Own Country
*The Devil’s Own People

Three things that scare me:
*Now that you ask me, I have this strange recurring nightmare of a dentist….
*CAT 2005
*A big zit on my forehead (not really, but hey, I got to do a typical girl thing, nah?)

Three things I want in a relationship:
*A guy
A sensitive guy… Uhm, maybe that’s an oxymoron!

Three statements about you which are not all true or all false:
*I can answer this statement with a yes or a no.
*I am sitting alone in a room at 2:30 am, am I slightly touched in the cranial area? Okay, maybe, that wasn’t a statement! But, it did qualify…
*I am planning to sleep in class after lunch tomorrow… err, today!

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to me:
The height, eyes & big dimples, though Tom Cruise’d be welcome too….

Three things I want to do badly right now:
*Massage my neck
*Clean my room… But I won’t!!

Three places I want to go on a vacation:
*Israel, for the faith
*Switzerland, for the chocolates, snow and the beauty
*Rajasthan, for the colours

Three kids names i like:
*Ghatothgatch (lift off an ad!)

Three things to do before I die:
*Take time to smell the roses (deep, Shruti, DEEP!!)
*Write some rude letters to some deviant personalities I know
*Take my last breath… (duh)

Three essentials in my day to day:
*My blog
*My mobile phone

Three things I am wearing right now:
Black tee-shirt, blue shorts and my bunny slippers!

The people who have to bare-all now are…
Angel, Amit, Densel, Senthil, Rishab aka L.Hyena, Swaroop … Get crackin’, people!


22 thoughts on “It’s ALL ‘Bout Me!

  1. Anonymous

    :))… and i thought i knew you…. seems like the only common thing about us is the colour of the t-shirt we are wearing right now…(not literally of course)…
    :(( hey i didn’t even comment ur blog abt me…but this must be ur first blog that i read b4 anyone else..;)
    And since i am not in the blogging industry my two favourite names are Irina and Arthur.

    — BlogIlliteratus

  2. chips new here. nice place u got here…and its even nicer to see someone dreading CAT 2005!! wait..does that sound too sadistic? it wasnt meant to be!!

  3. Densel Mayor

    Arrrrrrghhh.. nooooooo.. I can’t… I can’t bare it all.. Naturalism is just nottttttt my thinggggg… oh wait, you’re talking about personality huh?

  4. Angel

    ooooh SRUTY!!

    sensitive guy.yeah right!

    height, eyes, BIG DIMPLES…*drool* looks like we are going to have a catfight over some hunk one of these days ๐Ÿ˜‰
    THAT or we both will drive him NUTS!!!

    oooh Israel, Switzerland and Rajasthan…me too me too!!

    Rude letters…Hmmm ๐Ÿ˜‰

    and BUNNY SLIPPERS????
    really? ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. >|' ; '|<

    i am confused as to why, o why, all people are spellbound by the number THREE. i see this blog after blog. three things this, three that and three whatever.

    why not two or four or five?

    why is three so mystic to the human mind…coming to think of it, why am i putting this comment in three paras…(duh!)

  6. >|' ; '|<

    @ kickassso : its supposedly some male mythological demon, i think!!! (correct me, ‘cos i may have got it wrong)

  7. Amit

    Damn….now I have two “tags” to do..a book one and a “me” one….that should keep me busy for a while.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Anonymous

    hey shruti
    me from cet but a while ago i was der in my body also now my mind still rambles through da mexx corner..ur blogs are good and nice robin..c u at iimb

  9. Anonymous

    and happy to hear dat cet still rocks…but donno wheter its as gr8 as it was…we in our final yrs week had came in a bullock cart to cet…u guys mite be first yrs u rem

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