Blogger on Break!

Hello, my ever-patient and long suffering compadres,
I have some breaking news(es) for you, happy or sad, it’s for you to decide….
This blogger is busy…. VERY busy.
Do I hear the muted whispers of “What’s more important that keeping the discerning denizens of bloggerland updated about the inanities sprouted by the indomitable Shruti?”
My amigos (and amigas!), it’s the pressing pressures of work… What DO you mean, what work? I work too, SOMETIMES!
CET has started placement season! Some unfortunate company is going to hire all of us, and if I am (un)lucky enough, I’ll be paid to pound on the keyboard day in and day out…. Hmm, now that I put it THAT way, it doesn’t seem too bad, eh?
That’d be okay, but this little blogger has to stay back and help the CGPU in its grand designs to conquer the world and put a CETian in every company!
It’s a tough job (cleaning, bringing tea, sitting outside the steps swatting mosquitos with a fixed smile on our faces that says “We’re the best and the brightest in Kerala. Hire US!”), but someone’s got to do it!!!
To coincide with this new season of yelling students. (“YOU are the CGPU rep, tell us which companies are coming on September 6th…”, “Isn’t that your work? Why are you staring at us like that for?”, “Should we skip ABC/XYZ/random alphabets thrown in company?”), my mother has decided to move into an apartment. So, starting from June 20th, officially, I have no net till July sometime…
Some very enterprising young men have laid bets on how long I can last without visiting a cafe, or using dial up instead of my very fast ADL, I have covered all bases.. The odds are 7-1 against me lasting the whole period… *Deep breath*
It’s time for some tough love, fellows! I’ll post up all the happenings in the middle of July.
Naat to worry! Looking at yesterday as an example, I am sure there’s enough wackiness in my future to keep anyone amused for 2 hours, (including my fellow CGPU reps… grr!)
This is your friendly next door blogger, saying….
So long and thanks for all the fish!


28 thoughts on “Blogger on Break!

  1. duttan

    dont worry. if u r busy doing something, u will never miss the net.

    and oh btw,

    “desire is the cause of misery”

  2. Lost in trance...

    njjjoy ur time with the recruitments….those feelings r not gonna b the same again ever…have loadsa fun…

  3. Anonymous

    have fun at those imperial cgpu steps… guaranteed fun and long hours…u’ll go thru it all…action, emotion, joy, sadness, desperation, ties, cvs’, satisfaction, ok its getting boring..

    basically u’ll get free food from canteen that sux to the core, while those guys in suit will get techies munchies..

    but samson sir will finally applaud u ppls efforts..

  4. vi5in

    Good luck. Living without broadband is tough… I know. I find any computer without an internet access (broadband), completely useless!

    Pounding keys may not be so bad, as long as you are writing code… and you enjoy writing code.

  5. jax

    hey girl..good luck with the campus recruitments! that being paid to pound keyboards thing can come quite handy. give it your best shot! πŸ™‚

  6. L . Hyena

    lemme be the first to congratulate you for the job!!!!

    >:D< If i believed in god…i’d be something like…”God bless you..”. But ill just give ya a “word hard” kinda sermon instead!!! take care,

  7. Aravind.V

    Dolphins and Shrutz whats the connection. Maybe the Smile πŸ˜€
    Any way you did great. Have all the fish you want. CONGRATS.

  8. Kini

    hello.. um *takes a nervous look around*

    Stumbled across your profile on orkut and followed the link to your blog. Intriguing to say the least. This is some funny shit!

    Keep at it.. Sarcasm will save the world someday! cheers.


  9. Shrutz

    Okayyyyyyyy I am back!
    Let me answer all questions…. Wow….
    @Lyn I am back I am back
    @angel and jump too
    @Duttan (Huh?) Philosophy flies over my head, oh wait that’s because I am so TALL, right?
    @hyena *rolls over laughing* thanks man
    @amit Pfft.. You’re jealous because I am a girl and have good hair πŸ™‚
    @lost in trance I wouldn’t mind, actually
    @anonymuse Lallu???
    @Vi5in no Cpp coding for me!!!!! (FPGA coding instead :()
    @alberto nice to know man! *high five*
    @poison thanks a lot for the appreciation, πŸ˜€
    @ankoo not yet!!!
    @swaroop And Blogarabia burst into cheer for the victorious queen hath returned from her conquests!
    @sastah I izz bzzzy πŸ˜‰
    @jax I made it!!!
    @angel hey you again? Thank you thank you
    @hyena Thanks man >:D<
    @Shrutz.. oh wait that’s me
    @aravind The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything… My smile πŸ˜€
    @Vishnu But enjoyable, right?
    @KD I could try, but I am SURE to fail!
    @grafx It’s the plague, girl!!!
    @avik Thanks
    @kini That’s my middle name… Sarcasm πŸ˜‰
    @densel I saw.. kochu kallan =))
    @Jax Thanks, and I saw… Now I need to THINK (Damn)….

  10. What do I put here

    ‘The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything… My smile :D’ I strongly contest that the answer is 41.
    er or is it 42.

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