Pretty Prose or Prosaic Verse?

Dearest Friend,
Things don’t always turn out the way you hope they ought to. But sometimes, they turn out exactly the way you thought they would, and worse, the way you feared to even say out aloud.
But, no matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you.
Sometimes, the thorns in the bed of roses make it hard for you to sit down. Sometimes, the silver lining in the dark cloud seems tarnished with the unshed tears of lost memories that will never come to pass. Sometimes, I run out out of tired cliches to write about.
But, unfortunately, dear friend, I’ve given you my hand to hold, and you got to bear with me till the end of days.
The little flame of hope may all but have died. The entire world advises you not to think too much. Because it hurts. I understand, even when noone else does.
It hurts too much to be alone in my thoughts. It pains me to see your hurt and it makes me confused.
…. I never meant this to happen.


12 thoughts on “Pretty Prose or Prosaic Verse?

  1. Vishnu

    Prosaic verse. Have you read Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey, or the infamous “One thing I like less than most things…” poem by Ogden Nash? Both sound prosaic to me.

  2. Senthil

    Egad. This looks serious, and I never know what to say when things get serious. So I’ll just shut up and hope things get better so you can get back to your wacky posts… 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    not ur usual blog self eh?..
    falling headlong in the quagmire of ghastly emotions??..
    better will give u that opportunity later..
    right now just hang around and have fun.
    btw is this serious??..can’t blive u get serious..

  4. Shrutz

    @Vishnu, are you SERIOUSLY comparing that with Ogden Nash’s poem about sitting in a dentist’s chair with his mouth wide open, drooling into the basin?? I am insulted!
    @Aravind Uhuh! The serious side of the Shrutz
    @Densel & Rishi & Ang *hug back* Oooh.. can’t reach, must stretch… hands…. (Forgive this short git!)
    Don’t say anything…. *group hug and pose for photograph*
    @reverend yeah it did, it took the rabbit out of the hat and tap danced away! Thanks for the concern, man!
    @senthil your prayers are in grave danger of coming true
    @Alberto & Poison.. I repeat… WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    @Anonymouse 😀 Yeah, sad to say, sometimes, I do get serious, which is when people say
    “Stop looking at me like you’re an axe murderer sizing up your next victim. You’re freaking me out…. STOP IT….” *blubbering* “Please, Shruti… don’t look like that, I am scared!”
    I am feeling great! Life’s good and yeah, I’ll be back soon
    Thanks a lot, people!
    PS: Poetic license taken!

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