One Down

Dear Blog
Since I have known you, life has not been the same. I am actually getting rave reviews about my non-life!

You know, my FIRST post, is VERY like this one, maybe things have not changed too much!
My LAST exam is on Tuesday, and I don’t FEEL like studying. Ma Nature still has a lousy sense of humour and spamming is still present
Though, Gmail and Yahoo have brightened things up slightly!


6 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Angel

    happpppy birthdayyyy blog!!
    I must say for a 1 year old, this blog is wayyyy too funky/groovy/awesome/fun and EVERYTHING else!!
    keep it going, hon.

  2. Shrutz

    Thank you, my bay-bies!
    Coming Attractions on Brain Freeze:
    Book List Version 1.0 (aka you GOTTA read these… or else!)
    MSN’s Antics (and no it’s NOT the messenger!)
    & finally
    The Story of THAT Article!!!
    Hope you will continue to frequent this little hell hole 😀

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