Every Girl’s Manual

It is in the fate of every Malayalee girl with a mobile phone or a yahoo messenger to be constantly inundated (that’s flooded, don’t run for your dictionaries YET) by propositions of
“Can I be your friend?”… Here’s my reply!!

(Note Please: I don’t like bad grammar and punctuation, so all these questions are written in almost-correct English, edited to read better…. I did NOT get them like this!)

Online Queries
Question : “You are very pretty. Can I be your friend?”
Shruti Fraud answers: (You remember her, don’t you?) “You seem rather superficial. Can you be my doormat?”

Question: “I went through your Orkut profile. You seem very interesting. Can I be your friend?”
Shruti Fraud: “Yeah, you can. But you’ve to answer a pop quiz based on my profile. Quick, which class do I study in??”

Question: “You seem to be intelligent and well read and … interesting (there’s THAT word again!). Can I be your friend?”
Shruti Fraud: “No thanks, I choose to exercise my intelligence!”

Shruti: “Hey, who are you? Why did you add me on Yahoo?”
Question: “I have heard about what a kidilam you are. Can I be your friend?”
Shruti Fraud: “Sure, just keep massaging my ego like that… Could you get that spot behind my back as well!?”

In Real Life

Question: “Setup aayo?”
Shruti: “HUH? What brought that on?”
Shruti Fraud: “Yeah, just have to install LoveSucks.exe”

Weird Phone Call’s Question: “Hullo I am ******, Can I be your friend?”
Shruti: “Uhm I don’t know you!”
Voice: “You know me, my name’s ******.”
Shruti Fraud: “Listen you *#*$# Ass, I know the Prime Minister’s name is Manmohan Singh, does that mean I KNOW him?”

Some people never learn…..


16 thoughts on “Every Girl’s Manual

  1. Densel Mayor

    Shruti Fraud is unfortunately under the impression that only ‘mallu’ girls with phones or yahoo accounts get flooded with propositions… imagine how much more they’d be in demand if their hair didn’t drip with oilll… heehee *runs away before the stones hit*

  2. sandeep

    yeah true.. but it’s jus a phase of life..as far as i knw girls enjoy it.. and they dont really mind [i’m talkin bout all of them ๐Ÿ˜› (if that requires another argument…) ]. soon u’ll find urself wondering where all the guys went?? hehe so hav fun while it lasts…

    the different brackets does help hehe

  3. UGH

    ‘Tis not girls who get added like that. Men have to fend people off too .Thankfully clubs come in mighty handy:->

    BTW for those who dont know UGH , He is a cave man. He likes hunting painting and especially CLUBBING.UGH lives with his loving wife UM in a cave:p

  4. vi5in

    Hallo! Ende Kuude friends aavo?

    While performing this google query, I ran into your blog. I am bored, which is why I do these things.

    Anyway, you forgot another kind of “Can I be your friend”?

    The type that tries to write it all in romanized/transliterated malayalam. Crap. I think I just did that.

    But seriously, interesting blog. Looks like I may be checking it out from time to time.

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