Love Is Being Stupid Together- Paul Valery

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine, he knows who he is. He’s found “lurve”, and I wish him best of luck with it. (Okay, my apologies to the dude)

Love’s a many splendoured thing, and frankly, it’s marvellous to see the mushiness from the outside (and laugh at it too), but it’s hitting closer to home.

So, here’s the scenario, of some poor chap who decides to be mushy with yours truly.. (Not that there are people foolhardy enough to try that!)

Poor Chap (PC): Shruti, come here. Let me gaze into your lovely eyes.
Ogre Shrutz (OS): (quirking eyebrow) Uhm, do you KNOW who I am? Who you’re talking to? Are you running a fever? How long is it since you checked your eyes?
PC: (Kind of abashed) Uhmm, I thought….
OS: Oh you did, did you? I was assuming you didn’t. Ahh well…

Score 1-0 to the Shrutz. Frankly, he never stood a chance.

Okay, on a more serious note, here’s a quote I found (Thanks

We come to love, not by loving the perfect person, but, by loving an imperfect person perfectly.
-Sam Keen

What does perfect love mean? Here’s my tuppence worth:
Love lasts, in life and beyond. Love means respect, gratitude, forgiveness and above all, loyalty. It does not mean that your identity gets submerged, but it helps you become a better person. Love means knowing the other person, more than yourself. Love means being able to recognise imperfections, but loving all those quirks and idiocy, regardless. Above all, love lasts….
(Refer 1 Corinthians 13… I can’t say it better)

With regards to my friend, love for me means being able to say…

XXX & YYY sitting on a tree……

Ahh revenge! Eet ees sweet…


16 thoughts on “Love Is Being Stupid Together- Paul Valery

  1. Anonymous

    Love is …
    You know, it doesn’t come across like an event.You fall in love, you dont stumble over it.You’ll never know when it happens, and when the right person comes along you’ll never realise it.But in moments of solitude when you actually start missing the special one, thats when you know its happening..and mind you the situation is identical to both romeo and juliet..Both miss each other..I know of many romeos who feel they are in love..likewise with some juliets..that’s love that’s not going to work..
    Love is luv, when its mutual.
    Love’s a pain when its singular.
    Love’s a scar when you finally realise its singular.
    Love’s every happy moment on earth when you know someone else cares for you..
    But personally speaking its a waste of time…;-) ….

  2. ashok

    umm…i just read the comment posted by *anonymous* 10.09pm and ….
    @Anonymous — v think alike pal.u r da man. >:)

  3. Vignesh

    Ahh… there there little one. Such are the travails of a college going young lady such as yourself. You will figure it out soon enough.

    Only to realise that in the end, it is over-rated. And just like life itself, it is also unfair.

    Flaunt it, while you don’t have it.

  4. Anonymous

    u know wht they say “tis better 2 hav loved n failed than never 2 hav loved at all”……………..

    so keep lovin people.;)

  5. Elke

    Somehow the title makes a lot of sense!
    It’s fun to watch two ppl goofing abt with that stupid smile on their faces!! it really is sweet!
    The first quote i came across on love had to be when my teacher was trying to make “love across the salt desert”, a lil livelier. but.. man that one wud put history books to shame!
    Well, my teacher quoted shakespeare. “love can do all but raise the dead”…( he never suspected a Bollywood/Kollywood revolution)lol!
    It sure is a much discussed topic..

  6. Senthil

    Love is a many-cylindered thing.
    Good ol’ friendship is a Bentley.
    Lust is a Ferrari.
    True love, which would be a good combination of the above, is a Porsche.

  7. whewwhataname.

    You can take the shakespearean attitude or the freudian attitude towards this supposed phenomena Shrutz. But Mind you usually this supposed emotion comes from a “ought to” feeling.
    And Personaly I dont give a damn. :D.

    Ofcourse I am with Ashok. Spare a thought for the poor guy who proposed to Shruti. I just cant stop laughing. Putting ones head in lions mouth and all. Unless he is some lion.

  8. Friend

    Love is an awareness that you are perhaps more comfortable being yourself with this wonderful person than you are with yourself, and that it would remain so no matter if you are growing in the wrong direction or are reflecting so much light off your balding head that you are begining to attract a lot of curious entomological activity…

  9. Shrutz

    Heya people
    @anonymuse: Dude…. MAKE up your mind! 😀 yeah but all that you said is true, but only in its own time.. else, waste of time hehe
    @anil thanks for the links… I went, I saw, my head span
    @ashok me too!!
    @rahul Hey dude, don’t make me come there and ahree with everyone!
    @vignesh Yeah grandpa ;;)
    @angie yem yah are are eye yah gee yee, my friend!
    @anonymuse so they say… 😀 Let’s not find out, shall we?
    @Elke Love across salt desert *bangs ahead against convenient wall*
    @grafxgurl aww, here babes, have some chocs, there are always chocolates!
    @senthil hehe. I got that… weirdly enough, PS: Do not try that in REAL life on girls!
    @Aravind Hmph… What’s wrong with me? And THAT was a purely hypothetical scenario. DID NOT HAPPEN!
    @friend explains a lot of what’s happening to my friends eh 😀

  10. divya

    love is……….will let u know wen i figure it out……
    btw u have a nice place goin on here……..cheers girl…….take care.bye!

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