Time Stands Still…

It’s been about a fortnight of rollercoaster emotions since I last blogged… Shoutouts to the people who stood by me and helped me complete everything on time! You rock, fellows!
A shoutout also, to the person who sent me an email trying to get me to blog,…. this is for you!
After being through every emotion possible, at LEAST twice in the past week, I’ve come to the conclusion what humanity needs is a good Time Machine! Just imagine the possiblities, no more flunked exams, or foot-in-mouth moments… just rewind and be cool!
Anyways, what shall I blog about today? So much has happened, yet nothing that can be remotely made fun of.
So, it’s all upto you….
Comment… What would you like me to blog about? (Bad case of cluelessness coming up!!)


9 thoughts on “Time Stands Still…

  1. duttan

    There is an artifact called the Dagger of Time. I frequently use it to turn back time when i accidentally jump into endless pits of agony……

    …….in a PC game called Prince of Persia.

  2. Senthil

    A word of caution before you hop, skip, and jump through tears in the fabric of space-time: Remember the Grandfather’s Paradox. Incidentally, that would be a nice concept to blog about, too.

  3. Rahul

    Your posts have a relaxed quality, quite exotic in the genre. About the time machine, all you need is a large enough mass to bend the fabric of space time enough. Repressed emotions? hmmm… depends on the conversion rate
    well, keep up the good work!!!

  4. Shrutz

    @ Duttan I know the game!! 😀
    @Senthil Now, I am wondering about my grandfathers… and the trouser of time too
    @Vig we both know it… but goofy idea
    @ashok THAT is the spirit, pal
    @Rahul… looks at march’s and february’s blogs… they’re not like this at ALL!!

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