Woman of Goodness

Yay! Gmail’s giving me infinity+1 of storage (and counting)..
That took me back to the childish arguments we used to have.
“You’re an idiot.”
“You are twice an idiot”
“Idiot raised to infinity”
“Raised to infinity plus one”
And so on….
It makes you think if, indeed, mathematical concepts hold any validity in student life, other than to insult your friend’s intelligence.
Today’s topic of discussion *claps hand for silence*, those lovely pint sized humans called CHILDREN. More specifically, one child!
I enjoy playing with babies of all sizes and descriptions. Heck, most of my friends behave like babies once in a while.
Then, before I was ready for the huge and awesome challenge, I became an aunt!
Alert: Walk down Memory Lane
It was 3 am on 3rd March,2001, when I was unceremoniously hauled off the one seater couch I was adorning in SUT and dragged to see the little bundle of joy in our lives. The nurse trotted out of the OT with a blanket-wrapped, pink and wrinkled little person, who was beating her fists and legs against the white prison she found herself in. Mom kept exclaiming “She’s got such a naughty look. She looks like you did at her age.” (i.e 1 hour…)
I looked down at my new-born niece.
First thought: “How tiny and pink and wrinkly.”
Second thought: “Naughty look? This angel? I mean LOOK at her, eyes closed and all”
Third and evil thought: “Hey kiddo! I’ll teach you all I know. I’ll be the cool aunt Shruti!”
Meanwhile, I fell asleep on my mom’s shoulder while she was waxing eloquent.
/end Walk down Memory Lane
She grew up. We brought her home and this proud aunt learnt a good lesson, namely
“A baby with a good pair of lungs is your best friend during exam week….”
My 11th standard annual exams were going on, and this little bundle of joy (B-O-J) was my standard alarm.
“Okay, I’ve done Organic, I’ll sleep from 11 pm to the next time she wakes up and cries.”
Which mean, basically, every 2 hours, come day or night…. I said a fond farewell to sleep and othe recreational activities and concentrated on keeping whatever last vestiges of sanity I had intact.
The pile of diapers and baby-smelling clothes and other accessories grew. But, it wasn’t all cleaning up and late night yells. Oh no sirree! For some change, we also had fun. Tickling, peekaboos, bathing time, squirting powder and subliminal advertising… (uhm, don’t ask, don’t tell!)
When she was 2 years old, she picked up a nice little Mallu swear word which approximately means ‘beggar’ and she used it on all and sundry. People usually had their mouths open, by the time she went through her routine.
Now, my little BoJ is 4 years old and a complete scamp with a big mouth to boot. She is christened (after 4 months of agonising where we called her “The Kid” or “Baby”) Tevya, which is Hebrew for ‘Woman of Goodness’. Kind of ironic, seeing whom she has as a mentor in the goodness department!
A recent conversation with mom went like this.
Mom: “Hello, Tia kutta. Can you give it to mamma-dadda?”
The Kid: “Mamma-dadda *incomprehensible speech*”
Mom: (shocked) “She told me they’re not keen to talk to me!”
Aunt Shruti goes into paroxyms of laughter. Now THAT’s attitude from a toddler!
Madame Tevya is currently busy in her (as she puts it) activities and her ballet classes, and will be restarting school on April 6th in L.K.G…
As she says “A is for Astronaut…”
On that note, I think I better go and brush up on my language skills. If I need to talk to her, that is!


11 thoughts on “Woman of Goodness

  1. Densel Mayor

    really nice post :D… as usual. I really like what you’ve done with the template. I think this one is reallllllly good and you should stick with it… ANDdddd thanks for adding me to the un-holy trinity πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Angel

    yeah..the trinity..thanx πŸ˜€ :D.

    your niece…how very cute!!
    and ballet classes….that is SOOO adorable(and I mean infinity+1 adorable)!!
    great post!
    ***** 5 stars for the CUTE factor πŸ˜‰

  3. Vignesh

    Isn’t Google goole ?!?! The thing I was totally kicked about was the fact that they actually give 2050 MB of space and not 2000 MB – for 2 GB. How geekily accurate !!

  4. Swaroop C H

    Reminds me of my sis, I used to change her nappies (yes, really, even though I was a 10-year ol’ kid myself when she was born) and played with her a *lot*.

    Tevya goes for ballet classes ?! You got to be kiddin’.

    – Swaroop

  5. George

    I thought that your blog went dead. Could not access it for days on end.

    The new human or huwoman is indeed a threat to humanity, if you are her mentor in language. Her colleagues will have to keep a dictionary at fingertips all the time.

    For your trouble in catching up with her later, there is a very nice solution: If the talk gets out of hand, just advise her to speak in [lingua franca]. That which was inside brackets is a variable. However in keralam it is more or less a constant = “malayalam”. Having done that, speak in “Indravajra” and “Upendravajar”. That will settle the affair. The fee for me is the usual one, which is just a blank cheque with your signature.

  6. George

    Your remarks about mathematics in student life, madame, were just the product of your antipathy to the same. Had you had the slightest idea of the vast extent of mathematics sitting behind your blog, you would have long ago left the practice of blogging.

    Might I remark, O Madame, that the graph of results of your mini poll follow the Gaussian Distribution, a little distorted?

    Anyway from your blog I learned of a dangerous possibility, that of idiots multiplying and raising to powers. Poor capitalists, they might be thrown off power.

  7. Sasta da PunkaH

    Ahhhh, the cootie patootie is growin’ up (even though, miniscule :P) under her aunties influence πŸ˜€ hehe!

    She sound’s like a right lil gem! Twinkle twinkle…

  8. Amit

    Amit the spawn?? hmm..mushy..very mushy.. lol!….long live lunacy!! Thanks for making me one of the mighty, though perforated, three….your niece reminds me of my cousin’s kids…they were the devil’s own…they’d come to our house and raid the fridge most of the time…stealing chocolates that belong to me!! grumble grumble!!

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