What Happened EasterDay

This Easter, mom and I decided to do something about us never attending Easter Mass. Now, there’s a reason.. it starts at 2 am and stretches till 7:30.. Like our priest complains, EVERYONE turns up for Good Friday and only half turn up for Easter. For them, the Lord is never Risen.
So, we left for Kozencherry to my great aunt’s place on Saturday. That evening, I sent everyone “Harpy Yeaster” messages and I got some back asking if I was drunk… Let the truth be out.. NO, but I WAS dead bored!
On Easter Day, we dragged ourselves to the church and I slept through the sermon, (“I am sorry, but there it is…Like it or lump it. Shrutz is like this!”) After certain incidents I better not mention, we had the sumptuous Easter spread my Mom was too lazy to make. heh!
After eating all the ice-cream and cake my tummy could stand, putting my feet up on the sofa and watching TV, we left for Thiruvalla and my great-uncle’s place. There, I met my 12 year old and 8 year old cousins…
First thing they say on seeing me, “Oh you’re so tiny..”
Okay… maybe it wasn’t off to an auspicious start. Things were only going to go down. They dragged me into the dining room and then started comparing heights… “Oh I am almost as tall as you are…”, “Oh I am upto your eyes”…
Little Shruti wanted to disappear. Then, Sam (younger cousin) wanted to know how old I was.
“That’s 12 years elder than me.. Oh, are you married yet?”
“Why not?”
I decided offence was the best sort of defence, “Are you?”
“Don’t be foolish, he’s only 8.” Said his sister, Monica.
I was properly abashed. “Okay, so do you have a girlfriend?”
“Oooh, ooh Akanshaaaa, Sam…!” Monica was getting excited.
Sam came back strongly with “Piyush is your boyfriend. Nyaa nyaa.”
“Yuck. Piyush. he’s so ugly.”
“You’re always talking to him. Monica and Piyush…”
“Sam and Akansha…”
And there I was, in the middle of the coffee-toffee argument, like the cat that swallowed the canary that had eaten the cream …..(I LOVE mixed metaphors)
Then, they ganged up on unsuspecting me, “What about you, chechi?”
“Me, poor tiny me? Guys are too scared… ” I gave a sheepish grin.
Quick subject change. “Let’s play Monopoly, chechi… You’re good..”
“Monopoly? It takes like 3 hours…”
Anyway, the kids won out… and I won the game
Middle of conversation!
“Whoa, how many railroads do you have?”
“Fork over 100 $, please..”
“How clever you are.”
“Thank you. I try.”
“Why did you buy the utility? It’s useless…”
“90 dollars…”
“3 hotels on Oriental etc.”
That was when I realised I out to have let THEM win it… Ahh well, next time.
This is Tiny saying
So long suckers…


8 thoughts on “What Happened EasterDay

  1. duttan


    You look that old? 😉

    I have a similar incident to relate.

    When I was 16 years old, a guy in a cyber cafe asked me “Uncle, System free aano?”!!!!

  2. Shrutz

    Hehe… nah
    When you’re 12, 20 seems SO far away.
    Speaking of which, people usually ask me
    1) Appom mol, which class are you in?
    2) Are you working?
    No clue….

  3. Vishnu

    # My niece,who is in the 4th standard,has 3 pairs of party shoes.

    # When i was jobless,i was the main driver to take her to different parties in various parts of bangalore

    World is changing.

  4. spandan

    ok…you do not know me and hence, cannot pay me!!! unfortunately or fortunately, i find you extremely interesting!! (actually technically, your writing!!) keep writing (as if i needed to say that…)

    before you wonder how i found you:
    i am on orkut, and H2G2 and then arbitarily clicked your name (c’mon…pick one line…top five…not allowed…mine is “don’t panic”) and from there i landed on the blog…also, i have nothing on my blog…do not bother visiting…

    PS any comments (even ones like ‘get out stranger’) would be welcome at spandan_25@hotmail.com…also, might i mention the herculean effort it took not scrap with “you look/seem/whatever very interesting, can i be your fren”…please not the absence of the ‘d’

    PPS i can be mean and i am a cynic!!

  5. Densel Mayor

    shrutz, I’m detecting a subtle but trying-to-cover-it-up proposal here.. say it’s not trueeeee! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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