After a spate of seriousness (and the simple device of pulling out blogs from my computer), I’ve finally decided to come back… and with a bang.

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who have voted me into oblivion, (in case you haven’t voted, WHAT are you waiting for? The End of Days?) I never realised I was paying so many people… I must be rich. Oh well. I will remember that when my Income Tax statement comes the next time. Ahh. Who am I kidding. Love all you kooky people!

1028 blog views!!!! I feel GREAT!…

Then, today’s the one week anniversary of my new computer. It’s a great machine. (Any dissenters may contact Idon’ ) My modem has been changed, and finally things are stable, relatively. So, right now, I am on a completely different computer AND modem to what I was using for the last blog I wrote. Well, except for my ethernet card, but that doesn’t count, does it?

So, this is Shruti signing off


24 thoughts on “Roger!

  1. duttan

    Oho. And I thought I could avoid a war on this front.

    Shrutz got a computer which is slower than mine, for a sum which is larger that what I paid when I got my AMD 2400+ with 512 MB RAM 1 YEAR AGO.

    And I dont have a damn with that also. 😛

  2. duttan

    If you had got a P4 with HyperThreading, I would have envied you.

    But instead, you got a P4 2.4Ghz “A” without Hyperthreading and more pathetically with a 533 FSB which simply sucks. The HT P4’s have 800 FSB which rule….

    But thing is, you aint a gamer or a Enthusiast like me.

    But just look around u.

    Auster, Aravind, Manu, Me, Ryan, Ashok all have AMD. U didnt even learn from that.

    You just helped Logtech clear out its decaying stock……

  3. duttan

    Surprise! ADL fixed my connection very quickly. 😛

    now here is what i came up when i searched for 5 seconds.

    INTEL HAS BEEN HAVING an interesting time of it lately. Things were going well until Prescott came along with its mile-long pipeline, light-dimming power demands and silo-tall heatsinks. Since then, many have begun to wonder if Intel is really heading in the right direction with its desktop processor technology.

    heh heh. The Prescott puts out more heat per square inch than the core of a nuclear reactor.

  4. Densel Mayor

    Well, Shrutz, you’d do well not to listen to these morons.. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have a higher-end machine if you don’t use most of the features anyway.. Gaming is not the start and end of computers… It’s not like you’re running a huge database server or performing earth-crunching data calculations..

  5. inspiration

    I support Densel,it doesnt matter if u dont have a higher-end machine which u would have got for a lesser price.What matters is the color ,did u get a designer one Shruti? Does it have multi-colored LED’s in its CPU *droooool* ,do u have more buttons in ur monitor than mine?… 😐

  6. Horseter

    About you paying people…I did that:D!Everytime i logged into your page i voted for that;)I must be responsible for at least half those votes

  7. kickassso

    Personally I would put my vote in with the AMD crowd. But shruts is entitled to her own views and (despite my protests) I respect that. But still here is my opinion.
    People tend to have emotional attachments to stuff. Even if it may not be rational, they still will say it is right. Take my dad for example. He was selling his old bike for a new one. His old one was giving (what we Indians term an average) 45 kilometers. He wanted something more.So the natural choice fell on the mile eater and choice of the masses the hero Honda splendor. Or so we thought. One night we got a phone call.
    Me :Umm dad…Where are you?
    Dad :At the Yamaha dealership son!
    Me :Did you trade it in or something(the old ride was a yamaha)
    Dad: no, In fact i just placed an order for the new yamaha bike!
    Me :but I thought we agreed on a splendor:|
    Dad :no son…I’ve had a Yamaha all along and I would rather have one again
    And so it came to pass that another bike which had just been introduced was acquired. Purely on its predecessors merits instead of its own.( the fact that it turned out to be crappy is totally unrelated. He is actually contemplating swapping it for a brand new Honda Unicorn (*yay*))
    The moral of that story is that how you feel may make you do strange things like the one illustrated above. And who knows…maybe in a few months shruts might…feeling fed up with her new (!) system might actually upgrade to something faaaaaaaaar more superior. Who knows ,She might even earn ->DUTTAN< -'s respect!
    Even here both duttan and ashok have owned Pentium systems before. (As an aside…Densel.. what sort of rig do you have?)That
    is in support of their earlier ones and not he ones we have now. The lady in question might have been misled by these venerable pioneers .Their successors cannot even hold a candle to them. But the emotional attachment thing still stands .I mean, even if Ferraris became dirt cheap, I have a hunch that our heroine would still be driving around in the venerable jalopy that was made by Ferrari’s parent company Fiat. Even if all of us were
    On our own Ferraris racing our asses off!Methinks she would rather have her ol’ faithful. I guess she feels that way.
    About gaming! Agreed that is not the be all and end all in computers.*ducks before the frags come thick and fast* BUT performance is NOT a non issue. If it weren’t, Intel, AMD and co would be out of business. I guess performance is also like underwear(as are a lot of things)..You should have it, But not flaunt it. a little extra GHz and RAM never killed anybody, And going by the way she takes things, she might as well be using bloated software like internet explorer and winamp on it (other notable idiot favourites….I use neither ,Mozilla firefox (she might have latched onto that one,) and QCD player)these along with her sparse resources will choke her system one of these days(Probably when she opens a PDF document(hihi Guess that’s the MOST processor hungry thing I can imagine her doing!)and make it crash but then gaming is not the only thing that requires a fast PC .
    When I bought my pc I had no idea that I would use it for gaming.(actually still don’t much) I bought it as a tool to further my interest in music. My Audigy 2ZS leaves my cpu even lazier than most people’s. When recording stuff at 24bit/192 kHz…Performance does matter.As does it when I am encoding my TV tuner captures. To say that a good pc is required only for gaming is far from the truth. Besides, I think that shruts (pc disabilities apart)might actually be capable of using these “advanced features”
    On power consumption. That really matters. Even with an AMD my power bill went up to 300 % it’s original value(seriously from 600 to 1700)Duttan is right in that regard. If I had been running a Pentium, I Would have been an industrial consumer by now!
    On looks. Frankly, I used to care a lot about it. My friends say that the silver black finish( I carefully chose components so as to have a balanced mix of black and silver…as against the pure black systems that were in vogue then) look great. despite all my precautions, the cabinet turned out to be a sour apple. I felt that it looked like something that I bought off some street seller with second rate Chinese stuff. So now I just don’t care anymore (plus when you have a metal finish one foot subwoofer to help in styling, the little details almost seem inconspicuous.)so just like most girls, she would rather go for a system that looks good, not works well (why would she care?)
    And finally logtech(or should I say L-)ogtech haha)Those numbskulls wouldn’t know a good system even if they tripped and fell over one! duttan could probably teach their whole lot their own trade. I mean for a set of professionals, they sure are dumb!. I know ,because I took my system from them(only because they were the only authorized creative dealer for miles).At the beginning my TV tuner card and mobo drivers didn’t get along well and it took them two months to diagnose that it was the
    drivers that was causing the problem! All they had to do was (yet another) windows reinstall. I tried to tell them , but no! But hee hee guess what? I got a brand new replacement TV tuner card(even when the original was not at fault)but there is more!
    So the tech support guy is plugging in the new TV tuner card. So he takes the audio connector cable and fixes it to the TV tuner. Only now he doesn’t know where to plug the other end.( the extra external line inputs on the platinum versions are tucked away safe in an external hub.
    TECH SUPPPORT: I’m sorry sir but the cable is not needed long enough!
    me: ok then get a longer cable(duh!)
    TS: I’m sorry I don’t have one. You will have to buy one yourself
    me :(and the thousands I paid logtech were for what ..?)
    finally i propose a solution, take the audio cable used to connect the cd audio input and connect that to the card’s internal connector to which he reluctantly agrees.
    TS :sir where is the soundcard?(!!!!!)
    me : that PCI card over there with AUDIGY written over it…can u see it?
    TS: uh….I’ve never seen anything like it. what is it?. How much did it cost?
    me:13.5k(as if that matters to him)
    TS:(suddenly withdraws)…sir , you do it!
    me:what?(then what am I paying you for?)
    TS remains adamant in not touching my soundcard. Eventually I agree and plug it in myself.
    So go shruts, have fun with logtech. Learn by making your own mistakes (as opposed to the smarter ones among us who learnt from others’ mistakes)
    Like somebody said,” That which doesn’t kill us (!) only makes us stronger” So on with your shallow learning curve! Oh ! and happy anniversary 😀

  8. duttan

    Since Auster wrote a nice long comment, here is one long one from me. I am gonna detail the ideal config which she should have had.

    AMD Sempron 2600+ — Rs 4150
    Asus A7V400-MX — Rs 2900
    512 MB DDR333 RAM — Rs 3800
    80GB 7200RPM Samsung hard drive — Rs 2800
    Samsung 793S 17inch monitor — Rs 5800
    Sony DVD Combo Drive — Rs 3200
    500 VA UPS — Rs 2000

    Thats the basic config (much less than 30k). It consumes far less power than a Prescott and so runs much cooler.
    The actual FSB of the Sempron is 166Mhz which is better than the actual FSB of her P4 which is 133 Mhz.
    533/4 = 133Mhz

    I am sure she could have got a printer/scanner or a bigger monitor which would have helped the “bibliophile” in her.

    Thing is, she asked for my help some time ago and then when the time came, she listened to another guy who said “Just goto logtech and ask for a system under 30k!”

    That is an insult to me and my knowledge.

  9. josen

    Some of us have to beg our parents for months to get an upgrade, but you one fine blue morning you feel like you want a new computer and off you go to logtech and ask for a new computer. By afternoon the PC is delivered at your doorstep. Worst part is that you don’t even look carefully at the specs you just buy a system that has good looks (as long as it is black and silver it will look cute). Well the system is OK ( am a big INTEL fan and I think AMD sucks since now only SEMPRON is available for 32bit). Anyway for you considering the use (chatting and blogging only) any will do. Just the accessories count; u got a DVD ROM and finally a writer. Anyway you are not Auster so you only need the 2.1 speakers.
    Still wondering why you did not go for HT

  10. kickassso

    First things first.YES a pentium can be good .Agreed if and when it is an HT or one of the earlier ones*respect*.But Semprons dont “SUCK” !They are after all optimized older athlons.Only , if u need the best you need the later athlons, the bartons( like mine2600:->)and athlons did (and still do) *kickass* their pentium equivalents!

  11. duttan

    Intel fan?

    Yeah. I am an Intel fan too (especially the Pentium M processor and Centrino technology) .

    But did u see my comment in italics on Prescott?

    U CAN NEVER SAY THAT AMD SUCKS on the basis that Sempron is 32 bit. I am willing to debate that to any extent and I am sure that I will win.

    Tell me Josen. Is the P4 5XX series processors or the Celeron processor having 64 bit technology?

    Do u even know the difference between the P4 5XX processors and the new P4 6XX series processors?

    If u know, then u are eligible to debate with ->DUTTAN<-.

  12. Anonymous

    Eda Govind forget about her .she is a rich mudalali..unlike us paavum thozhilalis ,she can afford to make her own mistakes some thing which we cannot do.She has that margin for error which we do not have.If she wants she can simply say ayyo i got the wrong thing and just buy something new.We cannot.If i remember correctly you had to fight (kill or to use the technical term FRAG) to get the money to upgrade your sys.She doesent have to.since she has no responsibilities . She just doesent care.Because she neednt.And because she can afford not to care.

  13. john doe

    @ josen
    do u always announce to the world that u r totally ignorant of ne thing connected with computers..

    btb i know many many ppl with p4 who drool seeing how quickly things get done in my Sempron powered pc.

  14. josen

    seems i touched something emotional but all i was saying was that, since she was not planning to buy a 64bit processor then pentium would be a much better option. AMD is mainly now tweaking their 64bit athlon processors(which are great bye the way) but the Sempron; seen it work and was not impressed compared against P4HT. but against her non HT processor AMD wuld have been a better deal.

  15. jax

    confession – every time i see that poll on your page, i click the “i am a masochist 😀 and love torturing myself with inanity” button!! 😀

  16. Shrutz

    grrr@all the people who made this dumb blog popular… ESPECIALLY Anonymouse.
    Nope, Vish… But I’ll look!
    SO, the truth comes out Jax? huh? 😉

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