Soporific Lectures

This was a poem written for our Genesis (02) versification, when I was a fresher. Again, just found it today…

Hey! So, you are the latest addition to C.E.T,
The college which people talk of admiringly.
“All’s well with the world,” is your initial thought,
“This is what my next four years are about.“
Finally, you enter your class for your first lectures,
A beginner’s guide to the types of structures.

The first fifteen minutes are time well spent,
In getting to know what had last happened.
The next fifteen find your ‘alert’ mind chafing,
Or else, at the teacher your eyes are gaping.
Of the last thirty, it’s better not a word be uttered,
Suffice that every second the clock is stared at.

Alas! This is but the tip of the colossal iceberg,
Hour after hour, it grows worse, like the plague.
First comes the unrelenting tide of Chemistry,
Then your mind grapples with the eternal mystery,
Of how did the power disappear, when it travelled
Through the resistor. (Would it ever be unravelled?)

Twelve strikes. Oh! The Blessed relief of Lunch!
You gobble your food, and relax in your bench.
But, the one-hour seems to take on spectral wings,
Determined to prove impatient even the Sphinx.
One o’clock comes, so does Lecture Number 4
This, you agree, is turning out to be a BORE!

Your stomach is full, your brain quite the contrary
Slowly but steadily, your eyes start to get sleepy.
Your five senses don’t seem to co-operate anymore,
Physics holds less charm than what’s outside the door.
Vaguely, you can see the professor’s mouth moving,
But, unfortunately, can’t stop your mind from roving.

Number 5 sails in, right on time, through the doors
When you were thinking it couldn’t get any worse,
You find out you were abjectly wrong, it just did!
Thermodynamics finally frustrates your valiant bid,
Of stopping the escaping yawns born of boredom.
Because, you yearn to enter Sleep’s soft Kingdom!

One more to go, your fatigued mind reminds you
When Number 6 gives you long assignments to do.
“Due ”, he says “Tomorrow at the very latest!”
All dreams about “early-to-bed” turn to dust.
Breezing through school, I never did know,
The sleepiness that afflicts college life so!

NB: The situation persists… slightly worse, though


4 thoughts on “Soporific Lectures

  1. Senthil

    Excellent poem, milady! You have some talent! Thanks for the walk down my memory lane… college…aaah! The best days of my life.

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