The Continuing Saga

Of my disconnecting ADL. There’s me with a HomeNet 24 hour connection that should be ASHAMED of calling itself broadband, and there’s my 3-door neighbour, Fly with a NightBird AND a GPRS connection that is faster than mine in a head-to-head race. (I am eternally jealous… THERE I said it!)
Then, there’s the game Age of Empires which he wants to play every night (or day if he had the connection for it) , and there’s the disconnection that thwarts his attempts to establish a multiplayer game with 4 people. The game is just so that he could show off “Yo losers, I play AOE better than you” (No offence to us losers, eh?).
I must say, though, the dude is persistent. He kept adding me to the game and I used to get chucked out 5 minutes and reams of instructions later.
Okay, so maybe we were not going down without a fight. After about 2 months of all and sundry bugging me “Shruti, WHEN are you going to call the ADL people up?” (“Tomorrow”), I decided to take matters in my own hands.
After dialing them up at 2 pm, a woman came on the line. My mind momentarily went blank. I haven’t yet been able to figure out why.

NB: The sentences I WOULD have liked to say are in italics.
Me: (uncertainly) Uhmm, ADL? I have a complaint.
Lady: Yes ma’am. Please say it.
Me: Your connection sucks. I want DataOne, you bloodsucking leeches, blah blah. My connection keeps flickering after 10 pm.
Lady: (after checking) The computer says you’re connected at this moment.
Me: It’s NOT after 10 pm right now, what’re you a kindergarten kid? Uhm, no. But trust me it does.
Lady: Call me when it does. We’ll let the complaint department deal with it then.
Phone got abruptly disconnected with me staring at the receiver guiltily, wondering if I ought to have started off with a musical extravanganza simply entitled : “No Juice For Use.”
So, I ruefully concluded I couldn’t really “sock it to them”. Fly was not happy. He was rapidly losing his chance to make a “gamer out of Shruti”. So…
SMSes start flying to and fro. (Dammit dude, all you got to do is scream from your compound loud enough, I can HEAR you!)
SMS1: What’s your address? Give it to me. I am going to call them up.
Reply1: MAC id ****, didn’t I tell you?
SMS2: HOUSE address.
Reply2: They never ask for it
SMS3: Okay, heads up, I’m going to call them.
Reply3: Best of luck. “sock it to ’em”

*long electronic silence later, phone rings*
Me: Hello? Who’s this?
Sheepish v0ice: Fly here. I called them up and gave it to them.
Me: Great. What did they say?
Fly: They said they’ll give a complaint, but they asked me if the computer was connected, because it was.
Me: Yeah I was blogging.
Fly: I said that it doesn’t matter. By the way, Shrutz, they asked me whose name was it registered in?
Me: (curiously) What’d you say?
Fly: Uhm, George?
Me: Ahh, George and what did they say?
Fly: (small voice) They asked if it was in my wife’s name!
I almost burst out laughing, and it gave me something to laugh at (not with) for sometime.

Delude: (opposite to prelude, DUH!) My connection still sucks and I still haven’t played AOE fully. Right now, I am having exams. Don’t worry, expect a blog everyday!


8 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga

  1. Vignesh

    Yes, you really should learn to sock it to em, nice and good. You hand em out pretty well to the rest of us, so why spare them πŸ˜‰

    Its nice to know that I can expect updates from you pretty regularly, during exam times, especially updates about AoE !!

  2. Lost in trance...

    I’ve heard that “broadband” back home is 256kbps @ the most, its heaven here (just for the broadband) with 11mbps!!!

    And you strike a good contrast on customer service too…Ppl go out of their way here to get it right !!! Wierd things, huh, that competition does to ppl !!!

  3. Senthil

    I know what you mean… I have major problems “socking it to them”, too. Example:

    xyz housing loan: Mr.Senthil?
    Me: Yes?
    x.h.l: You had applied for a housing loan recently?
    Me: yes, I was wondering what became of that…
    x.h.l: I’m sorry, but we cannot approve the loan.
    Me: Oh. And what is the reason for refusal?
    x.h.l: Well, you work in a company which has fewer than 20 employees, and has not been in operation for more than three years, and so it’s against our policy…
    Me. Oh. Okay.

    My Boss: (watching the performance) What the heck was that?

    I tell him.

    My boss: Give me their number. I shall tell them a thing or two.

    The next morning, I get a call saying my loan has been approved.

  4. Aravind.V

    The good part of talking tough is that the thing does get done. These guys understand no other language.
    I had to give them a liberal dose of it to get my connection installed. Man they does test your tolerence level. Meaning I went to there office Five days straight to check when they will come and they used to say the usual response “Tommorow”. Fed Up my Dad called them up and told that He was cancelling the checque. Then and there within one hour comes the “signal engineer with the modem. And The funny part being only thing that he does is to just connect the modem and then we are on net.

  5. Shrutz

    I deeeeeeeeeeeeddd!! @ Govind
    Lost in Trance, they’re finally waking up and smelling whatever it is that they smell…. no use!
    Thanks for the symbathy Lyn
    @angel πŸ˜€
    @Senthil May I borrow your boss for a day?
    @aravind Mom has been scaring them with consumer court

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