Little Update

ahhhhhh!!! It’s 6:35 am!!
I am alive and well (or as close to it as having sore legs and an aching back will get me) and unlike certain people thought, I DO NOT have either measles or chicken pox or any other dreaded childhood disease..
Will blog later!! and maybe pictures too (err “pics”) I have quite a few!!!
A big shoutout to all the people at Crossroads who are unfortunate enough to read my blog.. Love you folks!


3 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. Horseter

    People at crossroads are the ones unfortunate to read ur blog?/:)
    I think it is those who read ur blogs who are unlucky to see ( or hear:((..u)at crossroads who r unlucky

  2. Nupur

    Ow…I had thought that I’d have missed a lot as I remember the last time I was here…you had quite a few days off!!

    Guess I haven’t missed much.. Well, how are you gurl? What have u been upto?

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