The Great Epidemic

Hullo people!
You’re going to see a LOT more of me! (Can I hear the strains of joy and cheer resounding in my shell-like ear?) We are off till March 15! Yessirree…
As in NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH college.
Why, you ask? Simple! Cases of measles and chicken pox reported in Men’s Hostel and Ladies Hostel. Chicken Pox is airborne. After a nice little dharna in the Main Lobby, where all the MHites prostrated themselves, the management gave in. The DMO declared the college closed and quanrantined and here I am, with 2 weeks of free time…. What CAN I do?
It’s okay… I’ll be busy!
PS: Any comments, may not include the phrase “Will be doing voodoo on you and your college” and may include any and all of the following

  • I am SOOOO jealous of you
  • What CAN you do from two weeks? (don’t worry! I have PLANS!)
  • You truly rock.
  • Shruti, you’re the smartest, nicest, cutest and most interesting person I know… yeah, and your blog is the best too!!

21 thoughts on “The Great Epidemic

  1. Densel Mayor

    Shruti, you’re the smartest, nicest, cutest…… dammit, Shruti, I’m soo sorry, I just can’t do it no matter how much you pay me 😦 😦 heh heh

  2. Krish

    Shruti, you’re the smartest, nicest, cutest and most interesting person I know….Whow!!! lies comes easy to me…that too borrowed lies are even more easier…

  3. Anonymous

    Long time since I came on this page..
    I am in Mumbai right now. I had come for my IIT Delhi interview, and was about to miss one day of series.. Luckily for me, exams got postponed.. Hope everybody suffering from either of the 2 diseases comes out of it soon..

    You Know Who!!

  4. Auster

    DAMN!..did voodoo on you and your college ..and it backfires like this!!!! Curses!,Curses!*kicks his assistant* Bad Igor…BAD! (goes back to scheming against CET*grrr*)

  5. Sam

    God bless the Principal, God bless the M.H., God bless C.E.T. and God bless both Measles and Chicken Pox!!!! I guess i should be worrying about the delay in finishing the semester on time and all that…NAAAAAAhhhhhh..This is so much fun!!!!2 weeks..LEt’s Have a party…YEah LEt’s!!!!!

  6. jax

    Shruti, I am the smartest, nicest, cutest and most interesting person you know…is the best too, yeah,you’re SOOOO jealous from two weeks. What CAN you do? I truly rock.don’t worry! I have PLANS! you and your blog!!

    (There, I think I used most of the words on your request :D)

  7. Vignesh

    Right then. One question – if the whole place is measles and cpox ridden, shouldn’t you get yourself as far away from it as possible ? As in far like Bangalore even πŸ˜‰

    Do take care though. And yes, you are the best, blah blah blah… even though you think I’m desperate… whatever gave you that idea πŸ˜‰

  8. Sam

    ” Hullo people!
    You’re going to see a LOT more of me!”…….Okaaaaaaay…*rolling eyes…March 2nd…and??…Hmmm..ohh wait..

    ” It’s okay… I’ll be busy!”…. busy with what??? what could be more important than blogging?…:-D..missing your blogs Shrutz…Get on with it:-)

  9. Shrutz

    @Densel and Krish and Jax… I’ll be seeing you ALL in hell… and laughing at you from my front row (!) seat in heaven… Him and I are like THAT ><
    Hey Anonymouse, how was TAPMI?
    @Auster.. What goes around comes around bahahaha
    @govind should we REALLY need that?
    @ Aravind not only rocks but brickbats and sticks too
    @Missnupur! YOU rock!!!
    @Vignesh: gimme the tickets!
    @Vishnu TRUST me on this!
    @Sam I am too busy talking to you *flutters eyelashes*

  10. Densel Mayor

    Finally, Miss Too-busy-to-blog but butt-to-butt-with-God has shown up… on her own blogpage! :)… hope you continue writing. And my blog is heading for major upheaval. Especially check out the cool title graphics ;)…

  11. Aravind.V

    Shruti is the original headbanger. Poor poor wall. πŸ˜€

    By the by. So you have reserved eggs and tomatoes. Ofcourse chappels too.

  12. Senthil

    Hmmm. Interesting. Epidemic breaks out, Shruti makes last post, which now seems ominous in retrospect… should I put two and two together?

  13. Angel

    you truly rock.^:)^
    you and I say that to each other SO often, it’s not funny…but hey, keep it coming πŸ˜€
    phew! these guys totally ripped apart your suggestions for comments!!
    me glad to be back hon!

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