Of Megaphones and Loudspeakers

I woke up bolt upright at 5:30 am. Then, came the daze… “uhh.. What am I doing up so early?”After the initial confusion, came to my ears, the (sweet?) sounds of Attukal Pongala..
I might be putting the cart before the horse here.
Here’s the horse..
I live near a temple, (also known as Kavu). I don’t have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is the fact that, come Shivaratri, or Attukal Pongala or Mahanavami, up go loud speakers on our compound wall, and there comes music blaring out of it all the way from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.
I could’ve lived with that too. But then they insist on playing the SAME songs over and over again. It goes to the extent that whenever I hear the word “amme” , I complete it by humming “Amme Narayana, Devi Narayana”…
I COULD’ve existed even with such a handicap. That’s when 2 people, with voices that would put most of the wannabe-American Idols (“They made such a HUGE mistake! I WILL be a big star!”) to shame, come and belt out their numbers into the microphone. Between all the grating music that is played, they belt out film numbers that are hardly better.
Well, it could’ve been worse. About 5 years ago, they used megaphones. That used to drive most of the inhabitants of the houses, close to said apparatus, crazy.
I will teach them to mess with me. So, here’s to my music system and good music. Cheers!


17 thoughts on “Of Megaphones and Loudspeakers

  1. Vishnu

    It goes to the extent that whenever I hear the word “amme” , I complete it by humming “Amme Narayana, Devi Narayana”…Simply ROTLMOA after reading this!!

    But then a Shruthi GEORGE singing “Amme Narayana” is the perfect PR to National Integration or whatever stuff they try to call it.Awesome.Get an indian flag and hoist it in your compound wall.The picture would be complete :-p

    But then,YES,its high time that they remove the use of loudspeakers in public places.I thought that rule had come earlier…

  2. jax

    you should be in my house during ganesha chaturthi. there are 4 orchestras around us, for the 4 ganeshas on the streets, and theres my dad deejaying his favorite devotional songs!! chaos i tell u!

  3. Densel Mayor

    I know what you mean!!! I lived next to one of those for 3 years in college.. And with my affinity for *that* kind of music, I’ve had to either sleep with headphones on, or go to someone else’s room OR start listening to deep sleep meditation tapes!

  4. Vignesh

    Hah ! That does not beat the ‘Superstar Rajinikanth Rasigar Mandram (Fan Club)’ right next door, in Murgeshpalya, Bangalore. For some strange reason, everything to do with Superstar – they want to celebrate. You wouldn’t believe the ruckus they created for his daughters wedding ! Where do these people get fire-crackers all through the year !!

  5. duttan

    You could always design a circuit which samples the incoming sound wave and produces an equal amplitude wave which is 180 degrees out of phase and so cancels the incoming sound.

    Such a system has been used to reduce the noise produced by car silencers!

    heh heh. πŸ™‚ :-B

  6. Auster

    I will teach them to mess with me. So, here’s to my music system and good music. Cheers!

    I’ll drink to that!!! Blast tha living daylights out of them amateurs! To good music and our music systems then!!!>:D<

  7. Aravind.V

    Well consider borrowing austers music system. Well it is the best I have seen. And If I am singing Rammsteins along the it is enough to scare the living daylights outta most of the guys.

  8. Aravind.V

    Well Do you really want to blast them. Then the best thing to do would be to borrow Auster’s music system. I will do you a “Favour”. I will agree to sing along Rammstein with it. I believe it will be enough to scare the living daylights outta most guys around. Hehe. That might include you too.

  9. Auster

    Cringe and prostrate at my (relatively) superior music system! Guaranteed to get rid of annoying neighbors ,dogs ,cats, crows and what else!>:)

  10. Shrutz

    @Vishnu Calculus over country… National Integration *ducks all projectiles*! I agree too!
    @Jax no thanks! ma!
    @Densel you ought to have sang them to sleep man!
    @vignesh don’t give THEM ideas, dude!
    @Govind I am SPEECHLESS!
    @auster and aravind… you go on !! πŸ˜€

  11. Fly

    Move over auster, I have arrived.. 675W rms power to smear ’em all over the nearest wall! There are easier alternative, you know..step out in the dead of night and rip out the wires from behind the box. Or you could conveniently back your Uno and smasho their systemo..

    By the way i live 100m from her so i’m pretty much in the same situation!

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