Lessons for Life

I am Shruti, 20 years old, a student of engineering and this is what I know..
There will always be someone to pull you back, and knock all your dreams to the ground, and for good measure, trample on them. There’ll always be eyes that only look, in order to criticise and complain about you. There will always be those who laugh at you, both openly and behind your back, and envy you for what you are.
Then, there will be your emotions- treacherous and impulsive.
You can never please the whole world, everytime. Sometimes it does you good to say, “Bugger them all, I am going to live my life on my terms.” and if you’re lucky, you’ll learn that lesson early in life.
But, there will be those people who bring sunshine into your life and the warmth and beauty in the air. There will always be family, imperfect though they may be, who accept you for who you are. There will be your friends who understand you better than you do yourself.
And then there’s you…. Always trust your instincts. They never steer you wrong.


17 thoughts on “Lessons for Life

  1. Swaroop C H

    Here’s something else you might like:

    “The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, you will make it to a place called Success” – Anonymous

    – Swaroop

  2. L . Hyena

    Hey not fair!!! Yours was the sunshine blog…dont ya dare enter into my territory…

    I am the L. Hyena, 20 years old, student of engineering and this is what YOU are supposed to know..

    There will always be someone who will egg you on, and will you, to fulfill your dreams, and for good measure… dream along with you…

    There’ll always be eyes that only look, in order to see you succeed. There will always be those who feel proud of you, both openly and behind your back and that too, for what YOU are…

    Keep writing, n keep yer blog sunny, happy n uhm…gay…

    L. Hyena
    Trenches at WAR.

    PS: See ya after my mids…pray for me…its “his” test on monday…

  3. Sam

    okay that’s so unlike the Shruths I know…..from bubbly, lively and full of joy, we’ve got Miss Philosophical up there…Here’s a hanky..hmmm. i’m glad you at least ended up with trusting Urself..as for me….i guess i cant..so i beg to differ on the last line..My instincts get me into trouble…Ask Kevin or Sohan..they’ll tell you all abt my instincts..:-P

  4. Angel

    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone at the same time”-Bill Cosby
    Interesting post, shrutz!
    ||But, there will be those people who bring sunshine into your life and the warmth and beauty in the air.||
    Ohhh enough about me already! 🙂

  5. Krish

    So, it is you..is it???….but these are a bit too moody…I haven’t followed ur posts for long to form any opinion…but then sortta okay…

  6. Vignesh

    I was waiting for you to go ‘And trust me on the sunscreen’ anytime there ! A lot of these facts hit you right about now, around 2nd or 3rd year of college and you realise that, wow, the world isn’t quite as simple. The trick, as you conclude, is realising that it is quite that wonderful !

  7. manu avinash

    well…well….time to comment after all…to think tht i played some part in tht …..anyway nothing much to say but iam glad to learn tht u have choosen to ignore them rather than skin them alive(tht wud have been very painful)…….well i spse u can trust ur instinct very well…they won’t fail u …except ofcourse when u have a bike parked behind ur car……so long so good…with luv from brutus

  8. Shrutz

    @Ryan Hey Ryan *same pinch on your arm*, Thanks, you know how much I value your comments 😀
    @Anonymous: Are you telling me you don’t like ME? The originator of Fraud?
    @Aravind Psincere thanks, Zybsco
    @Swaroop Woohoo!
    @L. Hyena.. CHICKEN! you out in the open!!! Wonderful. And I know all that is true, for reasons both of us know! But wqrk with me on this one.
    @Sam Thanks *blows nose and hands hanky back* Next time I see Sohan (Tennis champion) 😉
    PS: Give me your yahoo address. Since, in your words, you’re always online. What a coincidence, so am I… Love ADL when it doesn’t disconnect on me! Btw, we’ll talk about the bike wrecking plan, k?
    @Angie >:D<
    @Krish Yeah, you’ll be introduced to other voices one after the other. Keep waiting!
    @Vignesh I learnt them in school. Not to worry, Sunscreen is good for you. I might not know all the lessons, but trust me on the sunscreen.
    @Manu *Hmph*

  9. Aravind.V

    Really. Then it was worth effort to type.
    By the by “lessons for life” is not this short. And I for one might think about taking it up for blogging.
    Psincerely accepted.
    What me a zybsco? ooh what can i tell when some real zybsco says that I am one too, illuminating.
    Anyway I thought philosophy was my cuppa. Dont try to give me competition. U know there are copyright Laws in here. Pscared. Dont be. I wont call them. Just bluffing.

  10. Senthil

    Wow. This is a liiittle disturbing… you’re supposed to make me laugh! Come on!
    Have to admit, though, that it is very … honest. Can’t think of a better word. Had a bad day, huh?

    Oh, and about Prey, you were right on all three counts. The swarm had taken up residence in her body, using up the fat and all redundant tissue to multiply (hence the infected tended to look rather buff), and it was somewhere in between a symbiotic and parasitic relationship. Then, again, Crichton conveniently omits to explain clearly how the E.Coli is exactly used as a host for the nanomachines. The Genetic Algorithm part was rather convenient, but true nonetheless. You should try out Genetic Algos if you’re interested in programming. I’m not, but I still found the concept interesting… and scary.

  11. Shrutz

    @Aravind Zbysco… Z is Psilent!
    @Senthil you have NO idea! Thanks for the info
    @Anonymous grr!
    @Vishnu 2 years ago… just thought of its story now!

  12. Fly

    I would say something typically off the wall, but i actually feel sorry for you….is that really all you know?
    PS notice you’ve got a community going here?

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