Crazy days deserve crazy posts!

Whatta crazy day.

Got up at 6:00 am and wrote record. Fretted about our VLSI test & assignment. Came online to check on my blog, saw a friend on Yahoo and wished that today would be a strike. When I got to college, all the juniors were milling around in small groups and yelling at each other, “when are you coming down?” and the whole atmosphere reeked of… strike!
So, there we all are, sitting for Industrial Electronics (and got an assignment too) and from the farthest corners of the college came the sweetest sounds in our academic life. “On strike, On Strike.”
The sir took the attendance and left and meanwhile, the sounds of our temporary freedom only became louder “On strike, On strike, College Union on strike.” The next two rounds had CET on strike and SFI on strike.. For god’s sake, MAKE up your minds, boys.. What ARE you….girls?
In comes the hero of the day, to explain the cause of the strike. “Suhurthukale, you all know that our fest Dhwani has been cancelled for this semester, by the staff union,” (NOOOOOO!).. Suddenly, from outside
Disembodied voice (off stage): (Is that you, God?) “Get out of there, the sir has gone!”

So, there we all were. 10:00 am and nothing to do. We tried going to the Department library and computer centre. They’d shut the doors to us, because we were “supporters”. So, Divya and I came home to try and get ideas for a paper presentation.

BUT, I still had to get home. As we were going down the college driveway, two idiots speeding UP skidded and fell over. We were all talking about how foolhardy boys could be, got into the car and backed up 3 inches. Suddenly.. *little crash* Uhhuh, there was a damn motorcycle right behind the vehicle. It’s not like he DIDN’T have place to park the bike in. There was only about 100 m behind him, but NO, if he hadn’t parked right BEHIND my car, his mind wouldn’t rest that night. Since, the bike was still standing, we all debated whether to get out and move the damn thing, when I looked in front. On the right side, was my classmate, astride his Enfield with a very amused smile on his face. That did it. I turned slowly and backed away and wended my way home, considering if, in fact, he’d seen my goof-up.
When I got home and inspected the Uno, it had no left tail-light. Mom was kind of upset, but waved it away. I plugged it to my cosmic karma and tried gluing the pieces back together. No go.
To top it all off, one of my wise guy classmates sends me an sms (must have been as soon as he came out of college) “Come back here. A motorbike owner has said a Fiat uno broke his headlights.”

Started looking for some kind of idea on How Stuff Works, none of it really clicked. So, I called up Rishab and he gave me some cartloads of ideas, out of which we used 2. That done, Divya went home and I came online to muck around with my blogaddiction.
I wanted to post up some links and since I am basically a self taught computer nerd and didn’t know HTML, enlisted some help. After some atrocious attempts, one of which made the links repeat 10 times with my “recent posts”, I finally cracked it and the results are here to behold. These are really good blogs and I will add to them as I get newer ones.
The theme for today’s question… “Shruti, are you from Planet Earth?” After a few amusing (at least, I thought so) answers, I have decided to tell ALL… I am Human and I am from Earth, since both my parents were human. So, unless there is some alien abduction story here I am not aware of, or unless I was found by my parents outside the doorstep one day, I am JUST like you. Any dissenters may feel free to do just that!


5 thoughts on “Crazy days deserve crazy posts!

  1. Densel Mayor

    Hiiiiii.. okok, me changed ‘depressing’ blog to ‘interesting incidedents’ blog :D.. now please change the link to it… it sounds drearyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Vishnu

    [dream.old times]
    The strike incident suddenly sparked up some golden moments in my college life too.
    [/dream.old times]

    What is the strike rate in CET btw?

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