Confessions of a Sore Loser

“I am Shruti George, and I am a sore loser.” I take a deep breath and sit down on my revolving chair.

Yessiree, this is the story of my life. I love doing things, but I am constantly wary of the fact that I might in fact make a fool out of myself SOMEWHERE. Which is not to imply that I haven’t had more than my fair share of blushes, but that’s digressing from the point…

I remember the first competition I went for. It was the idyllic period of second standard and I went, rather optimistically, for Solo Song. My cousin, in a stroke of even more optimism, taught me “Bimbo” by Jim Reeves. Being 7, I found the song funny; I believe I was giggling at “Bimbo, Bimbo where you gonna go-eo?”… The moment came… and went amid strains of “Sa re ga ma” and people singing “aaah” as if they had a toothache. Classmates called me Bimbo for AGES afterwards. Not really an experience one needs to remember when you are trying to outgrow the “awkward” phase!
(At 13) Me (humming a song under my breath. )
Friend: “Oh, is that Bimbo? You were SOOO cute when you were in 2nd standard. So, what happened?”

13… a momentous year. When children become teenagers. Some grow up. Some don’t. (Those, usually are guys… DON’T get me wrong!) Those arguments, they’ve a massive mental impact. I hated losing those too!
Boy: “nyaa nyaa nyaa Girls are useless. They can’t do anything”
Me: “That’s not TRUE. We are much better than you.” (This was my feminist phase)
Boy: (ensues calling me my nicknames)
Me: “Oh you’re so immature”
Boy: (throws chalks at me)
… Okay, maybe I didn’t LOSE this one! But, could you tell me, why I still felt sore?

At 15, 10th standard boards. Sore loser Shruti was upset for a whole week after results were out. To add salt to injury, there were people muttering to the effect “She’s crazy. I would have KILLED for her marks.” Well, I nearly killed all right… the examiners!

At 16… IIT-JEE. Veni, vidi, Dormivi. Hey, I hadn’t studied anything. But, damnit, I still felt sore about not doing well.

A spate of exams followed, I did equally badly in most. Got stuck in CET. Still am a sore loser. This blog is a warning to my compadres. Don’t do better than me. It doesn’t matter if it is exams, or competitions or some silly little wager. I can be VERY sore about it! I have voodoo dolls and I am NOT afraid to use them!


7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sore Loser

  1. Angel

    honey, believe me, I can tell you a lot more pathetic childhood stories
    (:P not here..EVERYONE will read it.will tell you when we chat, and also I have lotsa names to call you.Don’t prick that voodoo doll just yet!)
    As always, great post!!

  2. ambatigan

    Hi Shruti,
    You have taken me back to my childhood days.Those days were golden days for me.I think most of the people have those goodold memories in their past.Anyway thanks for making me remember those childhood days.

  3. dingolfi

    Hey you ! it’s amazing how when you look back, these moments still bring a smile, makes u wanna start it all over again :O) but then, if we all lived in a perfect world with perfect endings, werz the fun huh?

  4. Sam

    Okaaaay…So now i’ve got the complex…Hmmmmm…whats wrong in being easy going?? (hiding behind some barrier)…doesnt being the first at everything also mean a lot of unwanted attention? well cool, interesting perspective but i’m glad i dont have to compete against You….imagine seeing that wicked smile as the last thing in YOur life as the Voodoo takes effect…HORRORS…(just kidding) Take care and Go get ’em Shrutz…

  5. Shrutz

    @ Angel.. Tell me!!
    @ Ambatigan.. They can’t be THAT far behind you, right? 😉
    @ dinglofi Yes! dude!!
    @ senthil & fly. Both of you have completely missed the POINT! hmm… Why do I even bother?? 😀
    @ Sam! WICKED smile? Little old angelic me? 😀 When’s the blog coming up?

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