When the CAT is out…

On my desk at this moment: “The Eagle Has Flown” By Jack Higgins..
Quote.”He put the phone down and went and got himself a malt whiskey, a squat powerful-looking man with white hair who wore steel-rimmed spectacles. Unquote. (may I add, I have not changed any word or punctuation mark)
I don’t know about you, but I find that sentence deeply disturbing! Must be the effect of Verbal AND Reading Comprehension, in a single day, at TIME. Let’s point out the inherent fallacies of the argument, from a CAT perspective! *adjust non-existent spectacles*

Logic & Data Interpretation
Q) What is the implication of that sentence?
a) A Malt whiskey is a squat, powerful looking man
b) White hair wore steel-rimmed spectacles
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Jack Higgins was, at the moment of writing, under the influence of said malt whiskey!

All Malt Whiskeys are Squat Powerful-looking Men. No Squat powerful-looking man wears steel rimmed-spectacles.
Assignment… Find out the conclusions of these assumptions.

Reading Comprehension
Read the above sentence (the one in blue) and answer the question
Q) What can be the summary of the sentence?
a) He put the phone down and went and got himself a malt whiskey, a squat powerful-looking man with white hair who wore steel-rimmed spectacles
b) He put his malt whiskey down and got himself a phone, who wore steel-rimmed spectacles, a squat powerful-looking man.
c) Nuts… Totally
d) Why are you submitting me to this torture?

a) Spectacles: Horn-rimmed
b) Hair: Spectacles
c) Powerful-looking: Hair
d) Phone : Malt

I hope you scored 100 Percentile.


6 thoughts on “When the CAT is out…

  1. Angel

    LOL!! crack-up material, babe!
    btw, I answer (d) of ‘reading comprehension’ to ALL your questions…
    yeah..torture…aka the following: ache, affliction, agony, anguish, cruciation, crucifixion, distress, dolor, excruciation, hell, impalement, laceration, martyrdom, misery, pang, persecution, rack, suffering, third degree, torment, tribulation, twinge.
    thanks thesaurus.com!
    learn up those words,mister!

  2. Sam

    Finally, some solid proof that Shruti is beginning to flip her lid…Hey take it easy, put the book down and go outside…Smell the flowers etc and now look at that sentence again…doesnt it look normal now..? LOL….Easy with the Brain wrecking Shruti easssssyyyyyyy…sit down and relaxi….good girl….LOL…fun reading it…option (c) made sense..Are YOu NUTS???:-)….k i gotta run now

  3. Shrutz

    Angel! ^:)^ you rock, girl!
    Woof@ Sam!! When WILL you put a blog up there? My next trick will be sitting up and begging 🙂
    Plus, I had been planning to wrote a blog about the relatives in CET… 😀 didn’t get around to it. Pride of place reserved for a certain 4th cousin of mine!!

  4. Sasta da PunkaH

    I bet your still on page 25! Stop reading tween da lines and get on with it miss funny biznus! Maybe Higgy ment for a jumbo of all a,b,c,d’s…

    xoxoxo Sasie

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